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ok. lets stick with simple hello.

At first, I'm sorry we haven't been updating for a while, but we have been quite busy since we have school to deal with, and as Momo mentioned I've been abroad lately ;O

Instead of telling you about my trip to Sweden (which was awesome) I'm updating some cool stuff here!!!

so, I have plenty of things to tell like cosplay and sewing and picnics and summer and..*momos deathly stare* ...Imma choose cosplay!!!

Ok, so as momo mentioned we used our Badou and Haine cosplays in tampere kuplii cosplay convention, whole convention was freaking awesome and we even had our great banana day!!!
We did some awesum photoshoot and here's some results!

This is me as Haine Rammsteiner, gotta love this picture ( (c) momo ofc editing by me lol )
and then momo..

Momo as Badou Nails ( (c) Poke this is non-edited picture )

Also,I had brand new experience as a make up-model! :O
Make-up they did was just original cosplay make up and I don't have pictures of it or anything BUT!! I got a great tutorial idea that I'm gonna make sooner or later ;)
IT'S CALLED *rums*


ofc not real tattoo but you know...fake tattoos.

I'm dying to try it.

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