perjantai 15. huhtikuuta 2011

Bananas do hate waving kids.

Due to our studies we have been awfully busy lately.
Anyway, we were at convention 9.-10.4 and it was quite fine. We were cosplaying Badou and Haine on a first day and on a second day we were hanging as Bananas.

Wearing a banana suit at con is like wearing a Britney Spears mask at Hollywood - Paparazzis everywhere. Of course it is nice that people love our costumes and to me, being popular is definitely not a problem. There is actually only 3 problems with these fruity cosplay suits.

1. Heat. The suit is VERY hot to wear and theres completely no places to get fresh air inside of those:DD that's why we had to take breaks once in a while:D (someone said to us that we "peel ourselves")

2. Nobody recognizes you. I mean, we all know bananas. But oh, how many friends we have frightened with those suits. Anyway, nowadays they all know that it's us!
3. The biggest, the most annoying and the horriblest problem. Waving kids. Yeah, i know. "How can you hate them momo, how can you?" At first is quite nice that silly moms with their kids wave to you. But it really gets annoying when you have waved back to 34 kids in one hour. rowr.

yeah that's it about bananas. I actually had something nice on my mind.

I'd really love to tell you more of our con but there is a problem called no pics. yeah, we did take many pictures. BUT since poke is in sweden it'll have to wait. i'm glad to have my own camera too (though it is not Poke's supercool Canon EOS 1000D with extra flash and stuff..) SO i thought of making some tutorial on my own but then I got lazy and my dad promised to take me out and order me a meal--> momo is sold. actually I could introduce Poke to you since she already did an update of me.
SO what should I tell you..well. Here is Poke:

She is doing her favorite thing - eating.
Her other passion is photographing, whenever we pass a photography store she stops and starts to drool those..things.

Poke is also very fond of her looks. She spends hours making her hair every mornig -.-'

I know she is gonna say this isn't true but: she is a sasukeholic. Poke has cosplayed Sasuke's two different forms in at least five conventions! She also used to have sasuke hair and she bought sasuke toy and key chain and...yeah.
Here is Poke as Sasuke:

yeah, freakin' good picture! (taken by me :dd)

So now you know a little something about poke:)

With hate for waving kids,


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