lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2012


Oh hi,

Yes. We still exist.

Firstly, I'm sorry for this break between our updates. We have been so busy that we've been too busy to be busy. Get it?

No rly. Poke has been having her finals (that are now partly over!) and I, Momo have been doing something unnecessary like moving out from home to another city and starting at a new school. You know, easy stuff.

I guess this explains it well enough:D

Let's get back to business!

After recovering from Närcon, our minds totally forgot cosplay and we left to Italy without actually realizing that after that trip we should be ready with our costumes for Tracon (Black Widow and Iron Man) which, by then were only started  at the state of our minds, and of course - they weren't ready to be wore  to Tracon so we had to make a change of plans!

In a very short period of time (5 hours) we (or Poke) came up with these costumes!

Lady flash and Black Canary both from DC Comics and it was such a relieve to get them done! At least, almost in time, which leads us to the topic of our Panel: 'The collected excuses for cosplayers' or ' cossaajan kootut selitykset (in finnish)' and it was a blast! I'd add a video here but I guess we don't have it (yet?)

From our point of view, it didn't went too well since it was our first panel and all and we finished it *ahem* a *ahem* day *ahem* before *ahem* but all the feedback I've read has been positive and lovely and I've been going like:

Thank you everyone!

The rest of the day went by as we randomly hung around the con area and finally went home - nothing much really!

The next day we were supposed to have a bleach group but we ended up not having it after all since Poke couldn't find her hakamas! And we spent all night looking for them! Just imagine: Us digging up all over our house trying to find a pair of hakamas! We finally ended up like this:

and ended up cosplaying:

These characters you've already seen. So nothing much.

We actually didn't do anything special this day either. Just chilling and stuff-

Actually the whole convention went by without us even noticing it:D

So let's wait until Desucon Frostbite so we can give you an actual con report:D

I've actually got a liittle something going on with that too so we might be there hosting a program!  A more interactive one this time so wait for it!

Okay. That's it for now so byebye little cupcakes<3

With Bananas and love,

Momo (and Poke who almost paid attention while I wrote this)


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  1. Aww man, I had no clue you guys were holding the "cossaajan kootut selitykset" panel. XD I actually had a slight interest to go watch it but *ahem* I'm soooo damn lazy when it comes to attending panels sooo... :'DDD