maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2012


My oh My it's been a while since we have updated!

But less explaining, more speaking:)

I would like to write a long list of beautiful costumes here and tell how we are proceeding but right now, we don't even have any actual plans!

Mainly because there aren't any conventions closing up and because we live in two different cities and don't discuss as much and get those stupid ideas:D

Have an idea for a cosplay? tell us! We are more than happy to get ideas:D

Oh, but why am I writing if there's nothing cosplay related?

Oh well there is!

I've been sending some e-mails, organizing things a little and BOWCHICKAWAHWAH We are now bringing something new to the finnish conventions!

Back in the summer when we attended Närcon (so many memories ;__;) We also attended to this event called 'SpeedMeeting'

Basically it's an event where people stand facing one another, discuss for 2-3 minutes and switch partners! And if you want to leave, then leave! And come back any time:D

And then, as we sailed back to Finland, our synchronized twin-minds began to come up with an idea:
Why don't we take this idea, and bring it to Finnish conventions as well?

I mean, every Finn knows how hard it is to make new friends?  Finnish conventions need this!

Lonely? Let Momo and Poke find you friends! LET'S BE FRIENDS WITH EACH OTHER!

No one is lonely when everyone has friends, done deal!

Other than that, we are really struggling with choosing the costumes! Maybe we could do something like this?

Would be easy and cheap? I don't know how conventions think about nudity though...

Well, I think I'm done here



(and Poke who has nothing to do with writing this)


3 kommenttia:

  1. Närcon. ;_; <3
    Ahaha that Mr.Bean picture. XD
    I didn't attend SpeedMeeting at Närcon but I can't remember seeing it at Finnish conventions.. sooooo I think that's a good idea if you guys feel up to bringing it over.

    Sadly I have no cosplay ideas for you. :C

    1. Well, you can finally attend SpeedMeeting at Desucon Frostbite :D

      And we'll stick with that naked cupid idea anyway (no.)

  2. This speedmeeting is a very briliant idea! Aww I am sad it wasnt one in Tracon >: haha I hope I get to attent one maybe at another con! I have a cosplay idea! Its more Magento's children.. I am to lazy atm to remember thier names,one of their names is Scarlett something...but i can tell you over fb! xD