torstai 11. heinäkuuta 2013


Hello again our precious readers:)

In this blog post I'm going to tell you so many awesome and lovely things that i'm already sorry for being too excited about everything!

Before I go to the lovely details of last week I will however tell you some cosplay plans since this time...there are plenty! and these are ones that are quite 100% sure.

First of all, our Sherlock cosplays that are mostly done for Poke and half done for me and that will be seen in Tracon and Närcon. Kitty Riley and Jim Moriarty from BBC Sherlock.

Jim's the one on the front and Kitty on the back. Also see our lovely cosplay group (or part of it, there are more!!)

Then for the future, we're about to do these two lovelies from Les Miserables (Cosette and Jean Valjean):


And even more to come...Star trek cosplays! (awfully lot of westerns but we're not exactly too fond of anime) Carol Marcus and Keenser from Star Trek! Awesomeness..

And last but not the least, these babies that will be seen in Närcon as well! Galadriel and Samwise Gamgee from The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings.

WHEW. So many plans for future! I guess our future conventions are quite full...

Actually now that I dug out Galadriel and Sam, I could also talk about the reason we first started to make them. From 8.-11.8 we have this thing called Keskimaan mökkimiitti (Middle earth's cottage meet up wat.) which is held in Kuusamo and just look at the sceneries! It's like made to be a place to shoot LOTR.

Also it's not only the sceneries but also the food is going to be middle earth-ish so basically we're spending 4 days in middle earth. Isn't it perfection? Oh yes it is. I'm actually thrilled now.

Speaking of the things that we're thrilled about, one of them is definitely Närcon! I can't remember if I've told you before but we were actually accepted to host a program in Närcon. It's going to be about the conventions in Finland and how to get here. WE WANT YOU SWEDES. So see you guys in Närcon, please look for Kitty and Jim / Sam and Galadriel.

After Närcon we will be busy with another event called SASSY 2013 which is held  3.8 in Turku. Sassy is a Sherlock event for Sherlockians. What makes this crazy? We were actually invited to attend this event with our awesome Sherlock cosplay group. Please see our tumblr  221B cosplay. It's perfection. We will not only attend SASSY but also go there a day before to chill with our Sherlock bbys. Oh dear these guys are amazing! We've more or less spent the last week with that group...yes, all the nights and all. Amazing. We miss them ;__;

The last but not the least I'm going to tell you something (again) amazing! We are actually hosting a Sherlock programme in Fanfest 2013 this year (5.-6.10.2013) Man we're busy with these conventions lol. No autographs today.

So many things to look forward to! And more to come. I was about to talk about how Sam and Galadriel are doing right now but then I should dig out a memory card and all and meh. Poke will make that update.

I guess this is all, just please all be happy with what you got. And go for it if you get a chance to meet new people they seriously can make your life better. We've met our new cosplay group during the last week and it has been so awesome we just want to cry out of happiness.  You guys deserve a big hug!

With LOVE,

Momo (and Poke)

P.S Poke got accepted to Savonia and will therefore move to Kuopio. Nopenopenope.
P.P.S It turns out Momo isn't the only cosplayer of Valkeakoski. The world has the ability to surprise you.

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