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Hello all our precious little (and big) readers!

We have just returned from Desucon yesterday evening and now we are healing our Con hangover in the Aschan cafe in the Siperia media center where for Tampere Kuplii is held.

Anyway, we had a busy weekend!


We woke up in the morning and did the...normal stuff? Like packing things and ironing stuff and so on. Yeah.

Then things got interesting.

Our grandparents picked us up from our place and drove us to their place where Momo took the wheel!'
This was quite (very) terrifying, since Momo has had her license for only three  weeks...

they see me rollin, they hatin~

No one died when we left, so we went to pick up Hansku from her place and played a little Tetris with all her stuff and our stuff (and there was a lot of stuff, no lie).

Anyway, we managed to fit it all in and drove to fetch one more passenger,Ilse.

Then our fully packed NEKOCAR~ was ready to roll

Meaow, bitches

After quite...interesting journey, we finally made it to Lahti! (alive).

We drove around Lahti for about an hour, searching for the gas station and since the traffic in Lahti is quite twisted and u know we have never drove there before, it really took some time.

But we got gas and all so yeah. Everything okay.

After a moment, we made it to our hotel, Omenahotelli, where we shared a room with Ninni who was already there waiting!

After getting our costumes on, we headed to Sibeliustalo and even managed to park the car without killing anyone

We even saw the last minutes of the opening ceremony and got glow sticks and YEAH.

Anygays, we weren't actually cosplaying but we were ^KaWaiIII NEKO_chAn_GiRls^^ aka something figured out 1am on one night before con....the cat ears were made around 3 am, tutorial given if wanted.

 Poke and her..heart-shaped...neko..er...thing
Momo had a nap there (or not but u will never know)
 Neko posing...eh
I have no caption for this

In the evening we had our SpeedMeeting and it was a lot of fun and (again) extremely popular. Momo's job was to talk to the people that were lining up to join the SpeedMeeting and Poke was inside the room, dealing with the time and all. We met a lot of amazing people and are definitely looking forward to seeing them again in future cons. 

 People being social

The pics are a bit dark because Poke was smart and forgot the batteries of her additional flash home. (She did take the flash itself though, oh brain)

After the SpeedMeeting we went straight to the hotel and to bed because we were just super tired!


We woke up around seven-ish and got into our make up and wigs before heading to Sibeliustalo to get our costumes. (We left the car there over night because of the free parking lot) Then we drove the car to our hotel and filled it up with katanas and some other cosplay stuff of Hansku's.

After parking successfully (AGAIN) we went inside and just hung around for a while before going to our photoshoot (we'll post the photos when we get them) and yeah it was cool and so on

Then we went to help Hansku to help her with her Eurocosplay costume and the show and all, her costume was awesome and I'd show you a photo but guess who didn't take any with her camera? But you can stalk her blog and find out (it's up there u know, use your brain)

Then we hosted the speedmeeting again and so on and yeah

cosplay photos:
 dis is my division
 oh lalaa (c) Hansku (as all of the photos of us two)

We were cosplaying Prince Philip and Aurora from the Sleeping Beauty as you probably gathered by now.
In the evening we hosted the SpeedMeeting again and it was even more crowded! we had to tell people to leave so others could get in :(
By the way, genuine and loving thank you to all of you who participated to SpeedMeeting! We love hosting it, so it's great that you love coming to it! lovelovelove


We woke up (too) early and got into our wigs and make up again and fetched the car like every other day. Once we had parked to Sibeliustalo we went to greenroom for breakfast and it was awesome! Karelian pastries and bread and coffee and cheese and ham and cucumber and oh we loved it. (They did play Gimmel there though, wtf?)

After dining we just hung around the con in our awesome Haku and Chihiro from Spirited away costumes before heading to the Cosplay skit - competition that was...err..well...it had good parts and the winner was really good. Also there was a really cool Fatal Frame skit. Wohoo.

The rest of the day went by just randomly hanging around and photoshooting, and in the end of the day, we headed back to Tampere:(

Here are some photos of Haku and Chihiro:

With Love and all,
Poke and Momo
PS. It took us two days to write this so we are definitely no longer in Aschan
PPS, Let me play you the song of my people

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  1. Pakko tällein kommentoida, että Desuconissa on tapana soittaa öisin jotain tosi paskaa musiikkia (tai vaihtoehtoisesti huonoja tv-ohjelmia mm. salkkarit ja vapaapainia), ettei vänkärit nukahda sinne yön aikana. >¨DDD Siksi Gimmel

  2. Tosi hauska lukea tätä! Kiva kuula että teidän speedmeetingit meni niin hyvin!

    Ja paras tuo tanssi ja tuo ensimäinen Aurora ja Philip kuva, vähän rape face, eiku? xD

  3. Nyt minulla on kyllä niin pönttö olo ku mietin koko Desun että miks Chihiro vilkutti/hymyili minulle... en tunnistanut. :'DDDDD Mun kasvomuisti on niin ihanan paska ja varsinki silloin ku jollain tutulla on cossi päällä mitä en ole nähnyt aiemmin!

    1. Hahhah ei se mitään:D mulla on kyllä aina vähän sama ongelma kun ihmiset menee vaihtaan cossejaan joka conissa (cossatkaa pelkästään samaa hahmoa jooko? :D)