lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2011

Why is the rum gone?


At first ignore the title, I still have rum.

Also,ignore the sentence above, I'm not gonna talk about rum even though I wanted..Momo forbade me since this is cosplay blog :(((

Well, that's all about rum. Let's focus to cosplay!

I'm going to do...*rums*...the wig-styling tutorial!!!

OK, at first, the materials needed;

So, let's list it up!
- A wig (no shit sherlock!)
- Cutting scissors (SHARP ONES!!)
- Thinning scissors (or hairdresser knife)
- Different hair styling products ( LOTS OF HAIRSPRAY!!)
- Some water to spray
- A wighead
(-Glue for the spiking)

At first, attach the wig to the wighead.

Photo is a little blurry because Momo still has some problems with close up photos when using my camera... WELL WHATEVER.

So, next step is to turn the wig around and spray some water on it but only if you want it to be spiky

Then, use the sharp scissors to style the wig and to remove the additional parts

After doing that use the thinning scissors to break up the hard lines.

Next, use hairspray and stuff.

So, this is what it was before styling:

And now:


so this is it.

hopefully it helped someone.

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