keskiviikko 16. maaliskuuta 2011


Oh god, we have been SO busy!

Anyway, we have been working a lot and we are going to update soon:
-Wig styling for Haine
-Perfect skin for cosplayers
-Little something about how to succeed with Akatsuki-cloak (not tutorial since it's ready but some patterns and stuff)
-Operation Suigetsu coming soon! (I'll start making it after 10.4.2011)
-AND as soon as Poke is willing to get a new wig for her Sasuke outfit, we are going to post a tutorial of styling it (inc. spiking!)
-Cosplay shooting (very important!) Poke is going to do it since she is THE photographer;D

That should be enough for some time:D

Yeah..this was just a short post so you would know we still exist:D

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