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You've got a perfect skin, with a Devils grin.

Hello there!

To my mind, skin is a very important piece of cosplaying. It makes any character look better - none of us have the perfect skin like an anime character!

Here are some instructions for YOUR skin to look perfect! There are three things you should know before we start:
1. You do not need to be a make-up artist of any kind, it is very easy when you have the right supplies.
2. Take your time, it can easily take 20 minutes to have a perfect skin!
3. Don't buy the cheapest foundation or eyeliner you can find, it only affects on your skin and eyes badly.

So, here are the supplies needed:

1. Foundation
2. A sponge for foundation
3. Cake powder
4. Concealer
5. Concealing brush
6. Powder brush
7. Mascara
8. Eyeliner (for mascara and eyeliner, prefer the waterproof ones!)
9. Moisturizing lotion

First use the moisturizing lotion all over your face. It makes the foundation and powder last longer and is better for your skin. (some powders make your skin very dry)

Next, apply concealer to your problem areas (such as pimples, moles, red spots etc..)
Blend it well with the concealing brush.

Then apply foundation all over your face (now, take your time, don't rush!)

finnish the skin with powder (use powder brush or a sponge)

It should be something like this:DDDDDDDDDd

Then apply the eyeliner. When cosplaying a guy, avoid having "a cat eye" lining since it probably is going to look too girly!!! Also use some mascara BUT JUST TO HAVE SOME COLOUR NOT LENGTH!!!

right? *momos deathly stare*

AND voila, you are ready:

(yes, that is POKE not me!!! just my wig:f)

To conclude..we did some photoshoot!

me as Badou Nails

And Poke as Haine Rammsteiner, both from DOGS:)

Take care,

Momo & Poke~~

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