maanantai 16. tammikuuta 2012


Hello again!(still not dead ha-ha-ha!)

This time it's me, Momo, writing! So Poke can't brag about me being inactive!!111


So it's been a day since we got back from Desucon Frostbite and it was awesome!

We were cosplaying Abel Nightroad crusnik 80% and Cain Nightlord crusnik 100% from Trinity blood. Here is me as Abel Nightroad:

..and this is Poke as Cain. Those little wings were just about 3 meters wide... My wings were 1,2 m high but not as wide, thank god! I think it was a little tricky to walk with those wings..

Now. What are we doing on stage?

Here's what happened: we were just chillin' our costumes when suddenly, a wild cosplay person appears! She told us that we were selected to Hall cosplay! There were two series: Frosti-chan's favourites and Technically hard costumes. We were the ones with technically hard ones.. (no way!) AND when we arrived to back stage (fuck yeah, back stage! V.I.P Bitc...yeah) we saw our cosplay idol who was representing Finland in World cosplay summit just chillin' around and going to compete in a same serie. Wait..what. We have never ever competed with our costumes and then suddenly a wild cosplay competition appears and we are on stage and what?! Being on stage wasn't new to us since we had already been there but then suddenly the wild jury appeared. We hadn't considered the fact that we were to be checked by them. I was deadly nervous and it was quite awkward but I loved the judge called Casper! He was very nice and funny:D

We didn't win anything but at least we have now competed!
After Hall cosplay we went back to our hotel and partied hard! (WHAT IS LOVE!) Later on we saw someone commenting that in our level there were some drunken idiots yelling...well.



Consider the fact that we were totally sober. But it wasn't us.

On Sunday we were cosplaying these triplets from kuroshitshuji:

The third part of the triplet is our fellow cosplayer and friend Hisi :D Thank you for participating!

The funny fact is that we were almost as popular as when we had our 3-meter wings and gravity defying hair...Fate.

Epic cosplay is epic.

Then off to another business: Närcon 2012

We were on the closing of the con and there was this super cute guy from sweden telling about Närcon with all it's swimming pools, Milk shake machines and anything you can imagine...

SO, when I got back to Tampere I googled Närcon and all the prices and stuff and found out that it would only cost about 80 euros all included! SO CHEAP!!!!

Means, we are so going!!

Now. Time to end this blog.

With love,


PS.Poke would like to give special thanks to Saana and Naru whom without her moving nn saturday would have been impossible! And of course for the lift we got!


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  1. Aah, kultaista aikaa tuo Frostbite :D teitte kyllä hyvin lavalla!
    Ja what drunken idiots? Vaikka no, heseruoka pistää pärisemään. Ja neljän tunnin yöunet.

    1. ollaan iha syntymähumalassa :D

      frosti oli muchos fun! kiitos sinullekin fellow kekke!