sunnuntai 8. tammikuuta 2012


Hello, pirates!

Few days ago, I began to think, what in the world keeps me cosplaying.

After all it's quite a pain in the ass.

ATM, I probably have like 12 small burns in my hands (and in my feet????!!!11!!) thanks for the hot glue :D
Not to mention my nail polish, that is now ruined thanks to acrylic paint, I also have nice traces of oh-so-famous brown acrylic paint in my arms and I'm tellin' ya, those traces do not look like paint...too much information.

And then there's this moneyloss, all my money goes to cosplay. ALLLLLLLL MY MONEY!!!
Not to mention the fact that I don't have time to my "real life" during the few weeks before the convention.

And oh why, why all this pain!

So you can be a star for one (or two) days! That some nice fangirl can take a nice photo of you and your oh-so-nice cosplay!! YEEEAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh...h..h.hh...not.
As an example, when we were doing our Cain and Abel armors, we simply drove to our leisure home (lol cosplayers would have any..) to make those wonderful cosplays for our fellow cosplayers and convention friends to judge in their heads (I'm sure theres lots of wows and noes) and to see how our costumes slowly went broken and again there was more to do....Btw, I think we're gonna spend another leisure-home-non-leisure-but-hard-work week this week :Ddd since the wings still need more feathers and there are few swords (they're no swords n00b, they're Scythes WL:Momo) to do :D


enough angstifying.

We have actually done something.

Wings are almost done with only (I'll add brackets.."few" -Momo) few feathers loss and stuff :D

I've already done one (There should be six...) shoecover to kuroshitsuji triplet and only vests (yeah, thanks for helping poke! - Momo who almost broke the sewing machine..) need little more job, so you can start clapping and hooraying, triplet really is working out :D

Momo is currently sewing and I should get on to work with the rest of the shoecovers (tutorial coming, I know you want it)

so off to work :D


-Poke (once again...momo hardly updates this)

This blog entry is officially checked by a grammar Nazi called Momo.

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