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"Try again, fail again. Fail better."
- Samuel Beckett, Gideon

Hello again our fellow cosplayers, readers, stalkers, whatevers! (now you are probably wondering why I update this blog so soon!)

Today I decided to start this blog with a wonderful quote from S. Beckett and I will also end this blog with an awesome quote. (too much Criminal minds: FBI)

Actually there is a good reason for updating today. I visited Aniki and found our pictures! SO I decided that it's now time for showing our costumes round'n'through.

I will start with myself as Abel (because my pics were there first, HA!)

This is Abel front.

..and this is Abel back.

Abel's scythe is made of wood, plastic, paper(!!),glue,paint and fabric. At first I made a pattern and then I (my father actually) cut it from a 3mm thin wood. Then I covered it with plastic and fabric and finally with paper (or to be more specific, tissues and glue). The outfit isn't that special, just sewn and stuff..

Armors are made of plastic foam and glue + paint (Elffi actually asked me if they're made of, btw stalk him, he's a great cosplayer!) and so are Cain's armors. All the jewellery is either bought and edited, made of some type of mass or made of plastic foam. The big chain is made of Fimo..or the other stuff that is almost similar:D

I know you're interested in the wig so I can reveal that it actually carries a hanger inside of it:D That's all I can reveal so far!

Aaand here we have Poke as Cain front:
...And Cain back!

Well, Cain's prop is actually made of a mop. It's just covered with hockey tape and stuff..yeah. And the led-ball inside is a christmas ball I got for christmas present..*poor face* Poke is using my christmas presents:(

There's nothing so special to tell anymore:D We will make another post of the wings.

Now I have 8 minutes to finish this before I need to go to my swedish class..yai, listening comprehension that I've already made!!!!!!11111

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And about cosplay plans..we have one again!

Check out the red head and the girl with black hair and eye-glasses..them! That's all.

SO now it's finally time for a cheesy quote!

"Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?"

- Rose Kennedy, Gideon

Yours, sincerely,


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