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Hello our precious readers!

I wish I had something cosplay related but I don't :(

So, I'm gonna tell you about our trip to Lithuania!!

On the 26th of February we took off with ryanairs (almost) private jet and flew aaall the way to Lithuania!
The first night consisted of tired laughters, unwanted porn channels and memes. This picture tells enough of our first night I guess?

So pretty.

So, after surviving our first night at our luxury hotel we took a Troleybus and traveled to the center of the Kaunas city, Laisves aleja. At first we needed some breakfast so we crashed into this La Crepe cafeteria and ate our first supercheap meal! Here's a photo of us (though it's taken later)

Like a boss - Hugo Boss

Then we started to look for our hotel that was located at the Laisves aleja. The location was just fine but the looks could have been a liittle better...

Here's Hisi trying to open our hotel's door:
Nah, just kidding. For real out hotel was nice little apartment with a huge bed! (and a free wi-fi for 9gag, memebase and memejelly!). After settling down we grabbed our broomsticks and flew back to Hogwarts:

...wait. This isn't Hogwarts! This is a place that cosplayers have found! See it yourself!

Poke's DAFUQ?! face when she found this beautiful graffiti:D

After finding the proof that cosplayers also existed in Kaunas we decided to run away and ended up in North Pole...


SO WE RAN RAPIDLY UNTIL WE HAD TO STOP SINCE WE FACED THE OCEAN! Suddenly, a wild talking seal appeared and told us she could lead us the way back to Kaunas!
Unfortunately Poke told her that she's fat and she got mad and used her magic wand to get us away. We felt the warm breeze and looked around 'till we saw this snake! Momo was screaming and Poke was trying to play snake with it.

Suddenly Hisi, who had been hiding in the bushes yelled: "I CAN SEE PUMBAAAAA!". Momo and Poke shared the suspicious look until they also noticed Pumba.

As we were watching as Pumba scrubbed himself on a tree we heard a big ROARRRR! We looked behind us and saw this:

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! and we ran until we came up with something faster...CAMELS!

So, we were riding our camels until they just wildly disappeared. We were sitting on the ground, wondering dafuq just happened. Then we heard it...drum'n'base!

Party Rock was calling our names so we went to see him and took this cool photo!

That was the story this time and yes, everything said in here is totally, definitely and absolutely true and talking seals exist.


Momo, still scared of that snake

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