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Hi again.

Cosplayers all over the forums have been wondering how to bleach a wig. Most of them just end up to the conclusion: Mission impossible.

Our conclusion is:

The idea of bleaching a wig was actually Poke's idea. Firstly, she was supposed to see if it's
possible to dye your hair with crayons as many web pages said. Eventually, she ended up trying it first with a wig - just to make sure that it doesn't kill her hair, and that's how she found out this awesome technique!

What do you need:

- A wig (obviously)
- Soft oil pastel crayons (can be found from art stores) The color should be a lot lighter version of the color you are willing to achieve (this depends of a wig)
- Hairbrush
- Rubber gloves (unless you want to end up looking like an avatar as I did)
- Spray bottle with water inside

- Hairspray

1. Brush your wig and separate the parts you are going to dye
2. Spray a little water on your wig
3. Take a part of the hair and go through it with a crayon. Don't brush to the wrong direction of the hair!

4. Brush it once
5. Repeat 'till you have the right color
6. Wait until it is completely dried (or use a blow dryer if you're impatient)
7. Spray all over with hairspray, spray from a distance of min. 40cm!

You should have something like this:

I was too lazy to finish it properly since I was just testing:D

Our wig was originally black so bleaching it was very hard. I can guarantee that this will work better if you have a wig that only needs to be lightened a few shades:D This also works for lighter wigs in case you need to dye them darker but I'd suggest using a more permanent way of dying...

The problem of this technique is the fact that this isn't permanent but at least you'll have a lighter wig! If you have a long wig that needs to be bleached all over I suggest getting a new one since this is probably just going to take 5 hours from you:D

The color can also be washed off with shampoo and water if needed.

We are still running some experiments with this technique and are going to update any development here!

- Momo

P.S We also found another way of dying wigs instead of copics but experiments on our lab are still on so back to the lab->

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