torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2012


Hello again, our beloved readers!

Today I'm gonna take you to the very roots of our cosplay hobby. Officially, we might have started in 2008 but the hobby was with us all along!

See for yourself!

At first I would like to represent this masterpiece of ours, Poke's Chilly Chick and my Bunny kigurumi!

Our next project was classy, but simple: NINJAS!

And as you might know, Momo loves wig styling. Apparently I started early! See these awesome hairdos!

Next up, we wanted to go with something classy, and came up with these anime school girl outfits. ('dem pants!)
You think I should take part to EuroCosplay with this?..Bahh, all the others would go running scared (Check out that prop!)
As you know, I've cosplayed Voldemort and making the mask was quite a challenge. However, as you see, Poke knew all along how to make it easily:(
Apparently, we found a new favorite serie: Animal planet and decided to cosplay tiger and panther.
Here's Momo with yellow pajama costume!
Space princesses are always nice ones to cosplay. As you see, prop making has always been fun.
When we got tired with cosplaying animals, we decided to go with k-pop bands! This is Su-reepu-over! Don't you just love my room?:D (it's not that pink anymore..)

Here you go! Hope you didn't die of laughter:D



P.S Poke has no idea I posted these...*pfftfhfh*

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