tiistai 17. huhtikuuta 2012


Hello our marvellous readers

You know what? I actually did something for my costume!

It is now ready(....ish) YAY

Cancel the yay.

It is not ready at all! I haven't even bought the fabric or shoes or eyeglasses.

So far I've only styled the wig.

Well then there's always Poke. Poke who's got it almost done.

Yes. I stole this from her IG profile. Looks ready?

It is actually quite ready.

It means that I need to work work and work to finish this costume!

I'm gonna go and buy the fabric today once I finish my chili-chocolate coffee with too much chili on it.

Someone motivate me with this costume!!!

I promise to make a tutorial of the eyeglasses since they require some work.

Now, time to say goodbye after finishing this totally nonsense bloense blog entry:Dd

I've got my entrance examinations tomorrow! ARGHUFIHIOVDHK




P.s We might be hosting a show at Desucon! BE THERE AND SEE US! (I'll post more info as we get things cleared)

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