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First off, I'm sorry for updating again (not that this was too often but..) I promise that Poke will update this blog as soon as she has time. I just happen to have all the time in the world nowadays since I don't go to school:D She is still alive, someone just needs to keep up with our blog since I don't want to let it die once again:D

So please bear with my bad jokes and for a while! Poke will be back as soon as possible!

Ever since we left Desucon Frostbite we've been kind of having a little break from cosplay. Now, as Tampere kuplii is coming closer and closer we are actually starting to do something in time? (like a week before? blehh - too early)

Our Tampere kuplii costumes are actually quite easy and the wigs can already be found from our wig rack yet they really need some styling .. If you have forgotten they are these two lovely ladies from Ano Hana:

Poke's outfit is different though but as you see from the image - very simple!!
The redhead is Anaru (Poke) and the black headed one is Tsuruko (me!)

Since these two are so freakin' simple and easy we also took another costume to our list:

These three hotties are Souji, Hijikata and Saitou from Hakuoki! I'm going to cosplay Hijikata (the one in the middle) and Poke is going to get Saikou (the blondeish one yet the picture lies and he really has quite darker hair?)

They are the ongoing projects right now:D Of course we have some freaky plans inside our heads that aren't to be revealed quite yet:DDD

If you saw them you'd go like:


I've also been planning (Poke doesn't know about this..) of making a few CMV's/Cosplay skits! I have tons of ideas circling inside my head! I just need some actors!We live in Tampere, Finland so we'd shoot somewhere around I guess? I don't know about the series yet but almost any serie would fit in my plans! If you're interested feel free to comment and let's go further with my plans?

I guess I'm also going inactive quite soon since I have my entrance examinations and I should actually study:DD (like I did?)

But enjoy while it lasts!

Yeah, now I'm probably going to head to the grocery store and buy some goodies for easter!



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  1. Näin muuten unta et te menitte autolla väli teijän kämppä - Tampere Kuplii ja tarjositte ihmisille kyytiäkin siltä väliltä xD Wot is this my dreams y u no make sence?

    Ja tahtoo nähdä päivityksen hullumega suunnitelmista! : D