maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012


Hello again our fruits and vegetables!

I decided to update since we had this awesome convention last weekend!!

Tampere kuplii is a comic-convention, so basically cosplay isn't the main part of the event.
They have this small cosplay competition and small shopping area, but as I said, it's not a cosplay convention.


On first day we had our awesome Anohana-cosplay group! Even though we were out of Menma (though she was there all along, you just couldn't see her)and Poppo, we managed to have a decent group n__n

We had some photoshoot! It was really nice taking pictures and to get to know our fellow cosplayer Shizuku, who was cosplaying Jintan. And I give some credit to our photographer plasticgay  who's in charge of group photos:)
And not to mention our almost-banana-fruitish-hottie-fellow-hisi, who was our dear Yukiatsu.
I was cosplaying Anaru and Momo was Tsuruko.

I haven't yet received them pictures but atleast I have these few that were taken with my camera :)


                                                       all the other photos (c) poke/momo

On sunday we were cosplaying badou and haine but no pictures were taken much..and we only kept them on like few hours and changed into other costumes
Badou: What the... 

and yes, noba and badou are not related in any ways! and I  do know it.

Haine found his jetpack, when he had nothing to do here.

Momo and I changed into normal clothes...or momo costume was something cosplay alike...

                                Man, I had fun when people wondered who the heck was this character
                                          "Hello, my name is No-onek, I'm from Nut Ing just Trorurin"

well, I guess that's it:D


we made some plans!!

Momo is going to cosplay this version of Orihime Inoue
not surprising?
I'm going to make Tousen Kaname!..Whoosh! I have never cosplayed a black guy before but looking forward to it!

Now, I'm taking the dog out!...again.

With love; Poke

PS. I had to call the police today! some drunken man had passed out on our near parking lot :dd


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  1. Kuplii was some much fun, thanks to your amazing group! I look so uguukawaii in that picture with Momo :D I can't stop laughing. And I'm also looking forward to make my first cosplay that includes a beard! ;)
    PS. En tiiä miks kirjoitin englanniks.