maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2012


Hello our  precious readers!

This is just a short post about Kaname Tousen's sword, since I'm on philosophy class and I shoould be studying!

Momo is soo jelly because her character has no SWORD! OR ANY OTHER COOL PROP!!!

U jelly Momo?

She only has some lame magic powers...LAAAMMMMEEEEE

off to the tuto.

At first I cut the shape out of thin wood.
Then I managed to find some thicker wood and made the handle out of two pieces of wood, and made it look a bit nicer with sand paper.
Before attaching the handle, I cut and made holes to handlecover?? W/e the part thats between the blade and handle!!216*&%#%/
Then I just simply attached the parts together and made the blade look like a blade. Simple as fuck.

Btw.the handle strings sucks hard. Gotta redo dat.

I still need to paint it and cover the blade cover with fabric.

Yo dawg I heard you like covers.

Here's some photos.


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