torstai 3. toukokuuta 2012



Today I got some mail from a person who works for Tracon AAAND...

I can now announce that we'll be hosting a panel! I knew this earlier but it was only today that I got the confirmation:)

I'm not revealing what panel is it going to be but you'll be informed as soon as we think it's the right time:D

I can guarantee that it's worth attending! SO if you're coming to Tracon, feel free to come and see the crazy stuff we'll come up with! (or at least, you can hear some of those priceless jokes of ours)

AND what comes to cosplay:

Our costumes for Tampere kuplii (starting the day after tomorrow) are nearly ready

Poke needs to fix her wig, paint her shoes, make those star shaped hair thingys, get the thingy in Naruko's wrist, sew the bow tie aand the pins in her hair of course!

Guess what Poke?

I mean, you've got only 1,5 days!

Yeah. I only need to sew my vest's buttonholes (OH MY GOD THAT WORD IS JUST RUDE)/or velcroes, attach the school badge, fix the wig a little (just style it a bit) and cut some threads and of course ironing the whole thing!

Now I'm supposed to go and collect ALL the laundry:( So much work!

With love,


P.S I can't get over this! SO CUTE! *awws*

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