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Hello everyone!

Today I will write about the progress that I have made with my costume and leave Poke's part to herself when she finds the energy to write this blog. Funny enough, most of the recent posts are written by me, Momo. Oh well, I guess I like writing and tend to be the writer one. Now, however, I'm not even accompanied by Poke as usual. So have some 100% of Momo's beautiful writing. Nope.

Well, first of all I have bought the fabrics! And even cut the fabrics for the coat and actually even sown some of the parts together. Nothing enough to be decent enough to put here but c'mon, I've DONE something. All I need to do is to finish the sewing (or make someone else do it eheehheheeheh) and make the shoes. Yes. The shoes.

*dramatic music from Psycho*

They are something like this. Not exactly though, the heels should be gray and slightly higher but those are pretty close.

I would really like to find a pair of white boots but haven't succeeded so far so I guess my only option is to cover black/etc. boots with white fabric (as I was wonderfully instructed by this lovely person )
I do not want to. The temptation of ordering them is big but come on 50 dollars for cosplay shoes? Nope.

The costume itself is not in a too bad situation since the con is still after over a month. I have cut the fabric for the red parts and the hem for the white and what I should do is that bow and that thing in front of the jacket. What is that even? That skirt is pretty much a basic really short black skirt. I don't even know if it is a skirt? I should really buy the lining for the jacket since it's not going to look good without it. So much sewing asjsdkjgskh.

The wig hasn't arrived yet, (Or then it has but Poke hasn't told me you peasant.) So I can't tell how much work it will require. But wig styling is fun. Ok it's not fun if the wig doesn't do what you tell it to do.

For my personal life, I am currently on a sick leave until next Monday so I think I can actually make some progress this week since I don't need to go to school! Yay. Except for the weekend. I have some other plans.

I could just end this here but wouldn't it be boring? Let me tell you some of my best tactics to (try and) make Poke do the work for me:

- I can't do this. -> Really Momo you can't stitch a piece of fabric to another? Bad excuse.
- I don't know how to do this. -> Usually Poke helps me and finally does it. Success!!
- But I've done so much already. -> Momo, you have been sitting there and tweeted with your phone while eating ice cream. Doesn't work.

And if Poke is not around (like right now)

- I need to update our blog!
- I need to clean the whole apartment and do the laundry.
- Hey this school project is actually really interesting.
- I never really thought doing the dishes was so fun!
- Look who's online!
- But I absolutely need to go to Tumblr.

Ok I know Bad bad bad excuses. Really bad. I should feel bad.

There's one more thing that describes my motivation though. Today my Internet connection was down for a bit over an hour and I was at home and that would've been the perfect time to make my costume but guess what I did.

I played solitaire with my computer.


Ha. Haha. hahaha. no.

I will now go and make my cosplay aka eat and watch Doctor Who.

With love,

Momo ♥

P.S If you want to see the an anime with flying skinned chickens, watch Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita or more briefly, Jintai. episode 2, The Chicken Conspiracy. Just some really weird shit. But funny. Watch other episodes as well!

P.P.S I will give a cookie and 1000 kisses to anyone who cosplays this:

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