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So Hello..this is Poke updating our blog since Momo nagged me about it. And I admit, Momo has done most of our recent updates.

But here I am and I come with news:

Desucon Frostbite is held 16-17th of .Feb.2013

it's 20th of Jan right now and guess what?


Now this is new because:

-We have actually started our cosplays over a month before the convention
-We have actually got things done
-We have actually decided what costumes to make over a month before convention. (edit: a lie.)


I'll give you some proof, meaning WIP photos!

First Momo's Alice:

The whole jacket is in very good state, it hasn't been properly ironed in these pictures and so on, but here you go, She's doing real good.

Only problem she's having is that her wig hasn't come yet :( But there's still time right, RIGHT?

Then me and my Moriarty:

 I had some clear diamonds so I painted them blue with Humbrol enamel paint Shade/AO566/52
 if you've used Citadel paint, it's about the same, only more liquid and in my opinion it has wider range of materials it's suitable for, since it had no problems with painting glass! also, when I first thought I would only paint the other side to make the diamonds look better, I decided to paint the both sides, since the paint only gave it colour without changing the surface.
Also, as you can see, I had to embed the diamonds to parts? so they would be translucent.
It was pretty simple, just making a hole and ta-da it fits! I did use hot glue to attach them but yeah.

 For now I have only done silver templates, but as you may see, I'm going to bling them up with spangles, but  guess what? I've been searching the whole Tampere for them and nope. Okay I found a bag of 60 silver spangles for 2.99 euros but seriously? 60? and for that price? I did find some golden ones, orange ones, black ones and fucking rainbow ones in the bags of 200 pieces for 1.99 but REALLY? no silver? But as I am an innovative cosplayer, I figured out that the color is easily removable  with nail polish remover or some other alcohol. Yiss.
So I'm going to polish 200 spangles into silver ones instead of paying more.

This is the full crown right now,  it's been stitched up for this photo, for example, the fur is not going to look like that, or anything. Just to show you the progress.

Okay enough with the WIP's.

Some random reader: But Frostbite lasts two days! 

Poke:*silences with a piece of craft foam and threatens with a hot glue gun* I wasn't finished, you moron.

Yes, our cosplays for first day are doing fine but Sunday..Sunday,Sunday,Sunday.

Momo has no clue and I'm changing my plans:

Instead of Kuzco (Which is still on my cosplay-list, I'm just putting him to the Desucon) I will make my own version of Harley Quinn, and why?

We have this thing called penkkarit here in Finland, and traditionally, ''Abi's'' (meaning candidate for the final exams) dress up according to their theme, I'm not going to spoil what's our theme but since the penkkari's are on the Valentines day (aka two days before convention) I decided to go with the Harley Quinn to the frostbite too.

Brief sketch.

I guess that's it :D



PS: Momo is going crazy, she's hugging and kicking a poor wighead :(

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