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Hello all the lovely people! This is Poke updating our blog again!
Momo just left back to Valkeakoski so this will be all me! BWAHAHAHHAA

I'll start with the last Thursday, this is not entirely cosplay related, but I just want to show you some cool stuff! So on Thursday we had this thing called Penkkarit  and I dressed up as Harley Quinn! You'll see the photos of Harley Quinn later, what I wanted you to see was these supercool signs our class made, I was helping quite a lot so I'm very proud of these lol.
 So I have painted Bane, Superman, Harley Quinn and Loki to this one (and the text), the others were made by my lovely classmates!
And then there's this one which is absolutely fabulous! I didn't do too much work with this one but JUST LOOK AT IT!!! and these are some huge signs, since they cover the sides of a lorry!

Anyways, enough of the Penkkari's, let's talk about..


I'll make this cool day by day thing as usually :D


We started our journey to Desucon Frostbite on Friday morning, with me, Poke, Momo and Hansku (check her blog btw). I had slept like 2,5 hours on last night due to the Penkkarit After Party and Momo and Hansku were also a bit hungover so we kind of..didn't function :D Anyways, we went to Helsinki and just  rolled around (buying manly and womanly pants) for few hours, doing pretty much nothing. The reason why we went there at all, was that our dad was going there and offered to throw us to Lahti since he was on the move already.

As we arrived to Lahti, it took about five minutes to make our room all messy and well, like a cosplayer room. We basically did Momo's costume the whole evening and drank Megaforce since we needed energy!!!!11 (true badasses)

Later in the evening, our friend Amanda joined us (does she have a blog?)

This photo is from Saturday night get the point?


On Saturday morning we woke up at seven, more or less tired. We were ready way before we were supposed to leave, but there's nothing wrong with being early right?
Anyways, I cosplayed Jim Moriarty from BBC Sherlock, with the crown jewels that were hell to make! I'm planning on making some tutorial/ post about the crown itself if I manage to take detailed photos first.

Look at the make up :( it still needs improvement!
So here you go, photos of Moriarty (let's start the Moriparty ntsnts)

Momo, Hansku and Amanda had their Pandora hearts group and I don't have any photos of them all, but here, have Momo!
Note! the wig has fallen slightly in this photo! but you'll have more of her as the photoshoot pictures arrive!

I'm letting Momo tell you more about this cosplay and so on when she has time.

We also had our Speedmeeting on Saturday and god did it go well?
We were both sure there wouldn't be too many people but we were horribly wrong! Before the whole program even officially started, there were many people waiting and oh my god! At first, we were sure they were just some random people who were just chilling in the room after the previous program but NOPE.

So it went quite well! so well, that we were even  asked if we'd like to arrange it at Desucon too! and yes DO WE DOOO
In the evening we went to the evening party, and what happens in the evening party, stays in the evening party...


On Sunday we all slept way too long and yeah, that's it.
I don't have too much to tell really..we just sort of went around and stuff.

OHHH yeah! the cosplay bootcamp! We were at a panel about Cosplay bootcamp and god yes! it sounds just brilliant! Check their Facebook page for more information

We were  also listening this Digimon vs Pokemon thing and it was cool, even though I hardly listened since I was so tired :( but it was loads of fun!

I cosplayed Harley Quinn (also the Penkkari costume) and here's some photos! We didn't take too many of them since it was FREEZING

Then there's Momo and her Black Canary costume, that we failed to shoot in Tracon so we did that now (though not too much since it was still freezing lol)

SO here it is! My beautiful summary about Desucon Frostbite!

I'm playing sophisticated today and going to watch some Shakespeare's Hamlet so yeah, better get ready :D

Your 5ever,


PS: Have this fab photo of me

Chin Moriarty

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