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Yo mah fellow cosplayas! How's the thug life rollin' in da hoodz?

Yo brotha play dat track whil ya take a luk at this wacka damn post by M.O.M.O and po-K!

It'z supa cool ya know? Just get in da mood shawt's cuz this is gon' b so damn gr8 piece of txt!!

Ok ok ok. Let me get into god news. I'm going to write the rest of this post with a normal(ish) English.

Why did I ask you to play that song? Well firstly, IT'S SO GOD DAMN GREAT. Secondly, the lyrics kind of match our current cosplay motivation and thirdly, our costumes are almost done. Yes you heard right. Almost done. Which is kind of good since Desucon Frostbite will be held in a week. Omg yes. In a week.

For me, Momo, the situation is looking quite good already!! My coat is ready and my bootcovers only lack laces and then boom! I'm done. Ok I need to attach the front piece to the jacket and the bow as well but prfft that's an easy job, isn't it?
As for the scythe, the situation isn't looking as god but I will get to paint it tomorrow so close enough?
Seriously though, I need to give a big applause to myself. During this weekend I've:

- painted all the fucking squares to the whole costume (there were around 30 damn squares.)
- sewn the cuffs to the sleeves
- attached the hem to the upper part
- the collars
- the scythe into the point where I just cover it and paint it.
- bootcovers nearly done
- wigstyling for both me and Poke.
- Ok I've fucking moved this costume from point 20% done to 95% done. THAT'S ALOT.
- (gotten a new phone and finished my school assignments ok lol nope)

Desucon Frostbite is on the worst weekend possible for me since I have a load of exams and assignments coming up just before it and also right after it so you will be finding a bookworm Momo with a cute Marketing book from our hotel room. Haha. Hahahahahaha. Nope. Like I really could study during the convention? Lol nope.
And yes. I'm only doing one cosplay for the whole convention though I may  use one of my old cosplays on Sunday. (Black Canary? Seriously I have no idea:D)

Now let me hand the power over to my bro Pok-E yo dawg.


SO my costumes for the weekend are doing quite fine too! In fact, to speak the truth, both costumes are fucking 90% or more done yissssss.

Okay, so Harley Quinn  is basically ready, all I need to do is some little finish up with the details and stuff like that, so getting in there may I say? But my deadline with Harley Quinn is..oh well in four days, since I'm wearing it to the Penkkari's (scroll down few posts to get the explanation..)
Momo made so cool-looking list so yeah this is me copying her, deal with it.

-Dress is done, all it needs is some basic finishing like you know, cutting the threads and you know, basic.
-The collar lacks few stitches, but I'll get there as soon as I find a needle, seriously, ALL our hand-sewing needles have gone missing...
-Shoes are styled and done
-I made the coolest ring!
-I bought 5 pairs of white stockings, just in case (they were 1.50euros/5 pairs so not a great loss?)
-I made cool hammer with you know, cool stuff and so on.
-The hammer is cooolll
-coool hammer I haz
-um yeah. The wig needs fixing but Momo is on it.

AND then I have the lovely Jim Moriarty.

I'm pretty much done with him too, only the crown has lots to do but I'm on it...and I've taken my cosplay to whole new level by learning ALL Jim's lines from the show, how cool is that?
But because  lists are cool:
-The cape has still some stuff to boring sewing stuff
-but it's almost there
-and then there are the trousers...I have no idea.
- make up is being under rehearsals
-shirt and shoes I haz.

I think that's it about them, Momo got anything left?

Well...I could throw a few words about our program during the weekend. BECAUSE POKE MADE THESE AWESOME POSTERS AND AWW YISS.

number 1

AAND number 2

Mad paint skills, huh?

However Desucon Frostbite is going to be Legen...wait for it..dary! (Because we are there, duh?)

Yeah. But really. We are really looking forward to it and if you're coming, then hey IT'S ONLY A WEEK AWAY. Time to flip dat shit if your cosplay is not done or worse, even started.

However it's 1.16 AM and I should really go to bed since I will wake up early tomorrow to make my scythe. "Yay." (Nay.) Good night our dear readers ♥

With love,

Momo and Poke

P.S Listened to that song at the start? THAT'S NOT EVEN A WEIRD SONG FOR US. Yesterday we listened to Darin.

Yes. Darin.

If you still remember him, you're cool.

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