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Yes. 24 days.

Or actually...

Because we are actually doing quite well with our costumes ( or I, Momo, am.) ! Let me give you a short update of how we're doing. (with actual pictures *gasp*). I didn't take pictures of everything because I was too lazy to dig them up so you will have to be pleased with only these. Ok, here we go, day by day, costume by costume.

Friday: Still no fucking idea what we're going to do lol. Well, 24 days....

Saturday: Prince Philip and Princess Aurora/ Sleeping beauty

And the best reference picture ever


Fabrics (x)
Wig (x)
Shoes ( )
Belt ( )

So far Poke has started to sew the shirt/dress/whatever and I guess the best thing I can show you is this awesome upper part of the sleeve:

Yeah, that dress totally belongs to that sleeve

So what needs to be done is to:

- Sew the rest of the shirt thingy
- Style the wig
- Make the cape
- Get the shoes
- Get the belt
- Come on Poke what have you even done???? Momo's costume heheheh


Fabrics (x)
Crown (/)
Necklace ( )
Shoes ( )
Wig (x)
Contacts (x just ordered hehe)

So far I've done the hem of the dress and started the middle part. Today I WILL sew the sleeves and that odd thingy between the hem and the upper part lol. I've also started the crown. I know, it's so beautiful lol:

What do you mean paint it? No way I love those lemons. Close enough! And yes. It's made of a plastic tablet which btw is a great and cheap material! Also forms itself within heat. (4x 1€ in IKEA too expensive, huh?) I think I will also make the necklace out of this and then paint them and show you how it will look like!

Poke actually made something out of it! See the Moriarty crown?

It's mostly made out of that plastic! Cheap and nice and funny to work with. Also almost all kinds of paints stick into it really nicely. (Citadel, Acrylic paint, Spray paint etc.) Ok done advertising let me get back to Aurora.

Here you can see the hooks I've sown behind it because I prefer hooks over zippers. I just hate sewing zippers. Especially hidden ones.

I ironed some buckram to the upper part to make it more stiff and I will also make a lining inside it with something stronger than the actual fabric because Aurora has a body form of a satan.  Just take a look:

What is that supposed to be? An X? I don't really know lol. Anyway, here's how the dress is now looking. It's still not fully fitted so don't judge me! And yes, that sleeve totally belongs there. We were just too lazy to do Aurora and Philip so we combined them! Good, ay?

 Oh and I lied about not having done the necklase. Don't you see that beautiful thing at the neck? Tape measure is close enough. The hem isn't fully finished either but almost! I wanted to go with organza on the top since it is a princess dress and the hem must be princess-y!

-Finish the corset part
- Sleeves
- Hem thingy
- Finish the hem
- Paint the crown
- Make the necklace
- Get the shoes
- Collar

Sunday: Haku and Chihiro (Spirited Away)

Ok let me start with Haku.

I'm done with Haku.

All Poke has is the wig and the fabric ( not even all of it!) So I won't dig deeper.

To-do-list for Poke:

- Do the whole fucking costume.

AAAND Chihiro is actually almost done!!!

Here's the yet unstyled wig that I actually did cut yesterday but didn't take a picture:(

it's so prettyyyyy

The costume itself is cut, sown and only to be groomed and ironed! I also need to make the belt but that's nothing too big. I could finish it in one hour. Yes. One hour. TAKE THAT POKE.

No really I've never finished (or almost finished) anything so early! This has been done for  almost two weeks now actually! Yeah. I think I'm losing it.

As for Desucon we've had the hotel booked for months and the tickets are on Desucon for us since we are working there so nothing to worry about! Except how do we get to Lahti but that'll be cleared out tomorrow when I either get my driver's license or not. (Thumbs up for me guys!)

Ok now I'll need to head to do some actual business so Adiós!

With lots of love,

Momo (and Poke who is at Lahti right now thanks to the entrance examinations!)

P.S Have some Disney feels because we are totally singing this for the whole Saturday. Not even sorry!

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  1. OMG plastic tablets, I never even thought about how those could be used for cosplay.. xD

    Also, looks great so far! I'm sure you gals will make it in time! Yritän bongata Desussa!

    1. Yeah plastic tablets are super useful! CU in Desucon:3