maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013


Hello again sweeties!

I will now apologise for the lack of pictures in this post because Poke is somewhere and I have no idea where her camera is so live with it. May update later with some cool photos oh yeah. I will also shamelessly steal photos from Poke's twitter and mine as well. Enough explaining, let's go to the thing itself.

Actually, the reason I'm writing is that our progress with the cosplays for Desucon has come to the point where we just sit and stare with our eyes open. 

Yes, you probably guessed it. Out of four cosplays that are going to be in Desucon, two are finished! Yes, finished. Those two are Chihiro and Prince Philip! 

Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the finished costumes (yet) but Poke did upload some WIPs to her Twitter, see Prince Charming and Aurora as well.

fuk u aurora this is my crown. Bitch I'm the real princess u are just a peasant gurl.

I know we're pretty. Actually what you can see in these pics are the wigs. I could tell something about them but that'd be 5000 words so let's leave that for later. I also have this very pretty WIP of Aurora, from which you can see that it's almost done!

After this pic I've actually made the white collar part and some other stuff. To put it briefly, all Aurora needs is to paint the necklace and do some final stitches and paint the lining of that hem. I just don't like the lighter shade of pink in it so painting it is. Over 6 meters of painting a 1 cm thin lining. Yay?

Something more of Aurora, I've received her contacts. (Also stole this pic from my Twitter)

I would love them to cover more but it's too late to order another pair so they must do!

To leave Aurora Behind and go for Haku, the costume is also almost done! Only thing missing is the hakamas. My Chihiro hakamas took 15 minutes to make so...almost done!

So Desucon, feel free to come. We are ready to face you on Friday!

Other than that, see what I did this time with our costumes!

Here's Aurora and Chihiro in their plastic bags, all labeled which makes it easy to find the unfinished costumes when you can find the time to do so. Easy, easier, easiest, control freak Momo level. 

Speaking of me, I have started something that has nothing to do with cosplay. I have decided to take part on Triathlon and Poke has agreed to come with me. I don't even know how Poke has trained but I've started some pretty intense training! Feels great and allows some more muscly cosplays in the future:D

Have some sporty Momo:

If you don't know what's Triathlon, google the shit lol.

I will try and make Poke update before Desucon where we will be going by car because I got my driver's license. Eek. Our car is from our grandparents and it has MIU on it's plates so NEKOCAR here we come.

See you all in Desucon,,


Momo (and Poke who's again nowhere to be found.)

P.s Anyone heading to Fanfest?  We will and may even host a programme so be there!!!!

P.P.S SpeedMeeting in Desucon!!!!!!!! JOIN US.

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  1. Hajosin niin tolle Aurora ja Philip WIP ilme-kuvalle. XDD

    Nekocar sounds awesome. x)

  2. Ei helevetti tuo Aurora ja Philip derp kuva! Mukava lukea tätä paskaa xD

    Ei muuta kun pitäkää hauskaa conissa ja toivotavasti nähdän vuoden aikana taas!