tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

Badou's eyepatch tutorial


I can see some new readers woah..cool.. We are very thankful:D

Anyway, I'm actually going to do a tutorial of Badou's eyepatch

Equipment needed:
- The lenses of old sunglasses (in my case, broken ones)
- Black leather (found it from our fabric box)
- Hot glue (mmmm, yummyyyy~~)
- Black elastic band (enough to get it twice around your head)
- Nail file (Or sandpaper, I just happen to have a "few" nail files..)
- Scissors

So, at first you should take the lense that goes to your right eye and roughen it with a nail file

Then cut a piece of leather to cover the lense, attach the elastic band and use hot glue to get it all done (I don't have any pictures so use your imagination^^)

and voila, you are ready! (you can see the picture of the eyepatch in one of our earlier blog entrys^^)

Yeah, that was it:D

So, to add some nonsense stuff here...Last weekend we met our friend Laura. The actual reason of meeting her was to see these cuties^^

HOW CUTE ARE THEY??? *melts* ^

Speaking of dogs, (despite the fact that it is the serie we are now cosplaying) this is our own sweetie, Pekka ♥

So, this is it for now..BTW do you like our new layout?

P.S Poke, this is my revenge;


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