tiistai 22. helmikuuta 2011

Itachi can't have boobs, can he?

Here we come, the favourite problem of cosplayer girls!
We all have tried to bind in hell of a many ways! But in the end of a con..BOOBS they come!

My favourite so far has been the duct tape, it is useful in so many ways..but in the end of a con..OUCH! The second is roll bandage and support bandage..they just keep draining down..gosh

The only thing that actually works is the OSB (open shirt binding) but then again..what a pain..

I'm glad to tell you that there are a few solutions that work;) Today i did a tutorial of making a duct tape corset...such a drag to do but oh so nice to use!

You can also order binding shirts but they cost pretty much...eww, says my wallet.

BUT! let's get started..


- an old shirt
- scissors
- a strong rope
- pins
- a little bit of any fabric (not crucial)
- sail staplers..(I did not find any..see my way out)
- Patch..
- Blood.
- FFFUUU-face...
_ *__'

Yeah, lets see how I dealt with the sail staplers..

I got to my daddys locker..it is such a wonderland!

and I found..

They will do:)

Next came the funny part..wearing the lovely kittycat shirt and wrapping it full of duct tape..just wrap it so it binds everything that you want:D

Then cut it from the middle FRONT!

next thing is to cut away the extra fabric and strengthen it a little more with duct tape, then cut it to half again (so you can get some marterial off from it). It should be looking something like this...

Next, tape the parts together, a little lapped so the size will decrease.

Then just simply make some holes to it, and put the sail staplers or if you don't..

just put something to strengthen them holes..

Then put up the strings..

Be careful!

as they say "cosplay without pain is a sham"

Finish the corset by taping the ends of the strings so they wont start to unravel of leave the string holes..

voila..here is a little crappy picture of this corset under the shirt..

Yeah..that is it for now..I think we'll update once more before our trip to azores;)

we'll be away for a week by then:D

to end this entry in a HOT way, here is a picture of poke without make-up on..


Yours, sincerely


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