perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2011

Sayonara dudez

I'm writing to tell you that these bananas are going to be on the more tropical zones for a while^^

Gotta be careful not to be overiped:---dd

This is the Tropic we're going to:

Oh the lovely azores^^

Since this is a cosplay blog, I'll tell you some Grrrrrrrreatt newz

Our wigs have finally arrived and after our holiday we will post a wig-styling tutorial for this guys hair (Haine Rammsteiner, DOGS)

My wig has also arrived and it is AWESOME I already straigtened it but will not do a tutorial out of it since my wig had a heat resistance on it and I just simply used a hair straightener:D (with small temperature of course;3)

But now, I will say Hasta la Vista and escape to this tropical paradise called Azores!

P.S We'll post you some holiday pics too so you can be jealous WAHAHAH


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