sunnuntai 13. helmikuuta 2011

Better sooner than late!!

Hello again!

We haven't been updating for few days BUT things have gone forward!

I have got Haines jacket/whatever you call it to actually look like a jacket!!

Of course it's not ready yet but I'm looking forward to get it done during this week!

Speaking about this week (I mean next week since it's Sunday after all) we are expecting our wigs to arrive!
They should be there between 16th and the 26th of February so...soonsoonsoon!

I also got my shoes (almost) done!

I don't happen to have a picture now but heres some making of photos!

Ugliest shoes EVER!! but that's the base for...

THE SPIKES YAYYY, so I forced Momo to do them...and they turned out looks kinda good!
I..I mean momo..made them out of DAS-mass which I had as a christmas present..yayy

Next part was painting the soles with red paint and agin I forced momo to do it!
she did it with nail polish..

I actually think she did the painting before spikes but..I WAS SEWING BY THEN I COULDN'T SEE WHAT SHE WAS DOING!!

soo, after the spikes were dry I painted them! and these are the ALMOST ready shoes, there will be some kind of shoe in on them but imma make it laterr ( or force momo to do it BD)

BTW. now it's my turn to say that momo hasn't done anything at all!
(for her outfit, I mean after all..she did the biggest part with the spikes and stuff)

Momo: My outfit is ready jk.

...didn't see that coming..

well, while waiting the wigs I guess we'll focus to our Sasuke and Suigetsu cosplay.

(now it's my turn to say my outfit is ready jk.)

Momo: how about that shirt of yours? and a wig? *sarcastic face*

ok..what's wrong with the current shirt..there's only blood on it..and jelly..and foundation..and..rasberry juice..yeah..



Momo vs. Poke 2-0

I lost :CC

my face^^

with love:



you're welcome momo n__n

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