maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011




I decided to update!!!!!

yay me!!!

I should be sleeping already since we are leaving to Iisalmi tomorrow morning but oh, I rather do some cosplay plans!!

Right now I'm looking forward to Cain Nightroad
I love his costume and I really like his personality and costume is difficult enough not to be done in few days...

I guess I will start with the armors because I've wanted to try doing them for so long!

Costume itself won't be hard to sew...but those little details and stuff. They. Are. Pain. In. The. Ass.

Not to talk about all those wings....gosh.

BTW, talking about the wings, we are about to do a wing tutorial! (but Imma let momo deal with that since they are her wings :D)

...back to cain.

Cain will not be seen quite yet because it takes a lot of time and stuff.

So I have another project!!! WEEHEEEEEEE

....oh crap.

I don't have anything else coming.

oh well, I'll figure out if there's any nice characters to do on short notice.. ;D

Maybe I should inform about momos cosplay plans too?

She's looking forward to Caterina Sforza from Trinity Blood :D

I can't really tell you more about Momo's project but oh, she'll do an update for you n__n

Momo also just finished nill cosplay...


Momo told me that she will have to stop cosplay for 8 months but as you see...
She can't!!!



enough spamming.

nighty night


PS. Sorry for my english, I'm too lazy to read this trough before publishing it..

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