torstai 4. elokuuta 2011


Today we're going to have a photoshoot (in two hours I guess) so before wearing my newest costume (Nill, DOGS) I will tell you how it's done.

Well the dress is so simple and the blonde wig I have is just curled so they were not a problem. The actual pain in the ass were the wings.

Here is a little tutorial:

What do you need: (no pic this time, I forgot to take it:d)

- Feathers (bigger ones and tiny ones)
- Strong wire (I used an old, crappy hanger)
- Glue (wood glue was good, but I think that also decorating glue would do)
- Cardboard
- White (or whatever is the color of your wings) fabric
- Thread and a needle
- Strong tape (duct tape or some other stuff)
- piece of cushion (or something else to make them comfortable)
- String for the braces

So, at first you need to take the wire and shape it into something like this:

In this picture I've already composed some cushion there to be sewn.

Then I cut some cardboard to get them into wing shape. After doing that I covered them with fabric (second pic) and yes, I did use the covers of an old Phone book, just need to be creative!

The next step was a real killer. I had to cut all my feathers into a nice shape and then compose them into the wing.After composing them I marked each place carefully with a marker and then glued them. After attaching the bigger feathers I attached the littler ones and voila, the wings were done. Some pictures:

Then I took some string and made these straps. Here they are:

While I was doing these wings Poke was like "haha, you must be frustrated haha you look so annoyed hahaha IS THAT FUN? OH I FORGOT NO!" so this is for you Poke:

This is your next character right? What do we see in his back? THREE BIG PAIRS OF WINGS! now who's laughing? haha. *coolface*

Poke has already started this cosplay by making this cross (or whatever it is) out of sculpting mass:

Now I will start getting ready for the shoot...but first I will have to try one thing. *wears her wings and goes out to jump out from a tree* OUCH! I thought I could fly with my wings *sadface*

That's it for now, be cool, be bananas,be awesome & stuff..yea.


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