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I don't really know what to write.

I guess I shouldn't be doing this at all but oh well- I have nothing else to do...

Ok. I know I should be working with my cosplay suits but blaah.

too lazy for that just now :D


ok, this is definately no tutorial.

just some things that I think every cosplayer should own..or atleast think of owning them someday :D

Here are some basics.

-hot glue gun.

I just looooove hot glue gun! you can do so much cool stuff with it!
You can make stuff like little pearls and float desings out of it and even little jewellery...and of course melt plastic stuff. and use it as a glue lol.

OK, then there is a sewing machine!

I don't really need to explain what is this for do I?

(right answer: for sewing!)

and that sewing machine is liek da cutest eveeerrrr!!!

Then..I would say a computer. and scissors. and pins. a lot of pins.

-Imagination. That's the most important tool for cosplayer!

-A lot of little stuff someone would throw away...like pieces of mattresses, coins, plastic parts, broken feather pillows.....

And now, my favourite:

..Sewing dummy!

It makes cosplay a lot easier! especially if you don't have friend helping you around, it makes fitting so much easier!
It can be quite expensive but it's worth it!! and you can also make real clothes with it! like no-cosplay-clothes!

You can also make patterns with it (atleast I do all of my patterns with it..)

and not to mention, when you feel lonely you can always hug her..

Ok, there is still a plenty of things I think every cosplayer should have but oh, Ima think that later!

now here is some photos from the photo shoot we did with Naru and Hanna

Me as Haine :D

Momo as a Nill..I just had to edit that photo that way lol. she doesn't know about it...yet.

what the fuck is happening here?

happy family....no wait!

emo club.

I think I'll quit here :D



PPS. if momo kills me because I didn't ask her opinion about these pictures, I wan't you to know that I won't hand out any of my stuff to her!!

and oh, here is an example of cosplay shoot go wrong :D


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