sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2011


Since it has already been a while when we last updated I decided to update. Simple. As. A banana.

Our costume progress for these two:

is for me 0% and Poke gets 0.001% for already making one jewellery. haha.

well, we haven't been THAT lazy. Actually we already ordered our wigs! (do I get a per cent?)

Well, we have plenty of time -or so I thought. Tracon (held on 3th-4th of September) is our deadline (not a full costume deadline, I'll explain later) and my school begun last week and Poke will be back to school tomorrow. And what's more is that I have my matriculation exams on their way and I really need to study so I'm lacking some freetime! (matriculations are the final exams of finnish high school so I'm gonna graduate soon!)

SO with lack of time, wigs ordered a little too late, fabrics still in the store, costumes full of details, big wings on the back, no money..sounds impossible right?

But it isn't. I must grant that these costumes you see on the photo are way too expensive and intricate to be ready in a less than month but we have come up with the solution. It is called "make it simple". Literally it means that the costumes you're seeing are crusnik costumes for those two and they also have the more simple costumes. On those costumes there are no wings and the hair is down which saves some money and time! AND to make this plan sound even better we are able to modify these costumes into that crusnik mode! *insert awesome face*

After writing this, I feel hopeful and have made a plan for my costume! So I guess I can increase my score a little and say that my costume is 10% ready! (wig) and Poke is like..10.001% ready!

To add a little more to my self-praising I can say that we worked very hard on this weekend and earned some money:D

I guess this costume is going to be ready before Tracon..believe it or not!

And now, off to study!


Momo (it actually means a peach.)


P.s I'm gonna have to tell you this funny thing:

So, I was studying and Poke was doing some school stuff too and I was searching a word from my dictionary and somehow managed to find the words "en ruttna fisk" (transl. a rotten fish) and started to laugh so hard that I almost fell from my chair. Then Poke asked me what am I laughing for and then we laughed together until we couldn't breath. Tired, what?

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