tiistai 17. heinäkuuta 2012


Kära damer och herrar,

As you might already know we are going to make one of our dreams come true and travel all the way to Linköping, Sweden for 6 days (4 of which in Närcon ). I've always wanted to see how the world of cosplay looks from another point of view and now I am actually going to find out:D 

Since we are leaving in a week I planned to update our cosplay plans for Närcon! We are actually meeting our fellow cosplayer bro Hisi this Friday to lock up our plans so the cosplay plans might as well change!

On Thursday we will be cosplaying the lovely triplets from Kuroshitsuji! The costumes are basically done but there's still some fixing to do with the shoes and we should also get new shirts...but they are...ok

On Friday and Saturday we will go all bleached (or Poke will be blacked up *badumtsss*) and wear our Bleach costumes (Orihime, Tousen, Starrk/ Arrancar) I need to change the lining from my Orihime gown, Starrk's sword should be made and everyone's shoes should be made..oopsie

On Sunday we will cosplay as Hattifattener (or in finnish hattivatti) and yes, that's a real word! In case you're not familiar with them, here you go:

For what we are working on right now is Poke's Iron man costume (which she may will or will not get ready) and I'm supposed to cosplay as Black widow but since I'm working I really don't have time to do that costume!We'll see! The costume should be finished by Friday/Saturday when a convention called Finncon is held here in Tampere! I don't know If we really like that con or not but it can't be that bad!!

However, the Hattifatter costumes are far beyond ready: Unstarted


AAAND it's 2:23 am so I should be going to sleep:D

Good night my precious readers, I hope that I (or Poke) am able to update both before and after Närcon! (or at närcon?) 



P.S I'm taking my videocamera with me to Närcon so some epic videomaterial might be on it's way!!!

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  1. Ooh awesome! 8D It seems it will be pretty easy for me to find you guys at Närcon because of your cosplay choices! Yay! :'D Get ready for a random encounter at Närcon by me, ololol ~

    1. Can't wait for Närcon, feel more than free to come and find us:D (unless we find you first *evil laught*)

    2. I can't wait either!
      I will try to! :'D (haha! xD)

      Btw, my Närcon cosplay plans can be found here: http://valkoinensamurai.blogspot.fi/2012/07/my-cosplays-for-narcon.html