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So Närcon is very near!

                              genious, near, närcon is very near hahah..I'm so

If you would take a walk in our apartment right now, you would be able to see tents and other camping stuff a lot, because we will be staying on the camping area and..camping? Camping is nothing new to us since we are former scouters but camping in cosplay convention?! That's new, we're trying to remember that Linköping is not any small village in the middle of nothing, but a city (about a size of Lahti lol) with all the shops and restaurants! So we're gonna have a citycamping  experience! cool..I guess :D
Our tent is a professional hiking tent with entry hall and bedroom :D sounds good but the reality is..well reality.

Momo and Poke before and after putting up the tent

Our bus/train to Turku harbor leaves at 5:25am from Tampere train station and then we will catch the boat to  Stockholm and finally, when we reach Stockholm we will take the train to Linköping and finally arrive to our   destination between 10-12pm, so we have a long trip ahead of us!
What's so cool with this? we'll be waking up from our tent next morning ( hopefully..) and we are able to enjoy Närcon the whole day! yayyyyy!!

And how about our cosplays?

As M0m0 already told you in our last blog, we will be cosplaying as triplets and our bleaches  :3

But, we are still thinking about the hattifatteners, since we haven't even started making them just yet and Närcon will last only until 1 pm on Sunday costumes for 3 hours? nopety nope.

There's also some serious work to do with bleaches (sorry if you find that word irritating, but I'm too lazy to write (fruit) Orihime and Tousen every time.. lol) we still need to do the shoes and I have to redo Tousen's hand...things?

I think that's all


We had this wild thought to make some cool flag to put outside our tent, so any ideas?

Something with bananascandoit on it or something about Finland?

Or maybe some epic warning sign?like beware of the bananas, you might just slip!

I have no ideas but I'll make something up if you don't give me any ideas ;(GIVE AAAALL THE  IDEAS

We will also be promoting our blog in Närcon!
We will make these kind of small advertisements that will be coool but you'll see them after Närcon (or in Närcon ;D )

That's really all!

With fruity wishes,


PS. I have nothing to put here so enjoy this:

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  1. Omg tent... XDDD I lol'd at that ragecomic oh Jesus. xD
    And I agree, doing a new cosplay just for Sunday (which is really short) might not be worth it..

    And OMG YES do a sign! XD
    "BANAANI PERKELE!"... no, kidding. XDDD Something fun and something with bananas!

    PS. I might come raiding your tent for a visit, I've always wanted to be in a cool one. lol

    1. You're welcome to raid our super luxury mansion at any time:DDD

      The sign(s) are on their way (and epic) and yet not started but THERE'S PLENTY OF TIME

      See you at Närcon!:D