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Ok, let's admit that we just woke up so any grammar mistakes on that!

*Poke yawns loudly* 
*Chain reaction: Momo yawns (louder)*

And now YOU will yawn too! dafuq Poke just yawned o.O

Fine, that's it about the yawning. This isn't a yawning blog after all. bananascanyawnit.blogspot.com? COOL.

Before we go back to cosplay, this is us, ATM! Charming, eh?

Webcam quality 110%

OK Poke was just about to place our cups to the fridge instead of washing machine. FAIL

AAAND we're back to cosplay! (for how long? we'll see)

Yesterday we got our backpacks and started packing! YAY

So this is how Poke's room looks like right now:

If you look closely, you might even see some camping stuff! And Momo's Akatsuki sleeping bag! Oh god why
And Tousen sword on the table! And a lamp!!! Yeah.

Our costumes are mostly packed but there's still a bunch of things to do like painting Orihime's boots and triplet shoes and one shirt to be bought..There's plenty of, eh, time?

Also, Momo is required to work from 12-5 pm today and after that, a driving lesson at 6 pm that lasts till 8 pm, so time, Y U NO GROW ON TREES!!!
Gladly the shoes can be painted in Sweden too and that leaves us with only needing to buy a shirt! GREAT!

And no, of course they don't sell plain white dress shirts in Sweden. Not a single chance they would do so.

So today's agenda is to: 
- pack 
- see that we have enough swedish money (which makes us feel very rich since 1 euro is about 8 kronor)
- finish the costumes
- check that we have boat and con tickets all set
- sleep well (since we need to wake up at 3:30 am x_x)
- buy some breakfast that we can eat in the bus when we actually wake up (around 7 am?:D)

Tonight, and only tonight: See how three girls go to sleep at 2:30 am after eating ice cream, chips and chocolate while on 9gag and panicking how to actually fit all of their stuff into their backpacks, where to get more money and how to paint shoes on board without anyone noticing and steal that perfect white dress shirt from that classy sir eating in the restaurant and finally ending up laughing at some stupid words and playing Titanic as the ship sails.

AND HEY! we have business cards on road with us!

and they are exactly how cool?

Poke made these with scissors and paper. and computer (or magical powers)

So we will be handing these over to YOU PEOPLE IN NÄRCON! and maybe to other creatures too...
So, I might just do a couple of advertisements to place to places and so on, you know, the bigger ones with bigger font and..yeah.

I think we're finished here! :O

Me might update tomorrow via phone or not :D 

Yours truly,

Momo and Poke

P.S We are truly out of P.S ideas so have this:

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  1. Wuhuu Närcon closing in! I'm packing (soon done) and will leave today 17:10 Swedish time, FUCK YEAH NÄRCON HERE I COME!! (but before that, 20 hours of travel..)

    Have fun and see you gals there!!

    1. Are you going by a boat or..? ;D

      We will arrive to närcon tomorrow night, but it's cool because we contacted the main-organizer of the con and we have a special permission to arrive after the camping closes up!

      We are also looking forward meeting you!

    2. PS: I read your blog AND WTF ARE YOU ALSO A TWIN? (I also found out that you live near sweden border so...no boat for you?)