sunnuntai 29. heinäkuuta 2012


Hej alla!

Right now, we are on our way from Linköping to Stockholm! Närcon is over and we are going through many mixed feelings from crying to laughing hysterically:D I think we are partly happy to leave the camping area and to finally be able to sleep on proper beds! (once we get to stockholm!) but also feeling quite empty and already missing our new friends! You guys were AWESOME and totally made us feel like we are totally welcome to swedish cosplay scene as well!

And if you actually decide to come to Finland you are totally welcome too!

We had lots of fun and I've got so much to tell you guys who (believe it or not) actually read this blog of ours:D

Lol we just passed a bunch of cows.

And there's a lake.

Oh a tree!



We will post another (proper) entry about närcon (soon-ish)  as soon as we get to the computer (I'm now typing with my phone) so stay tuned and be sure not to miss how we managed to make a huge hakama jungle dance line with bleach characters and how we put up our tent at 1:30 am using our phone lights and how come starrk is a pimp and how momo fangirled and what is actually fappable and how we ended up fighting with McDonalds toys:D

Haha now you just can't wait!

We'll still need to sit in this freaking train for one more hour so yeah, maybe I'll focus on something else than writing a nonsense blog entry:D

Vi älskar närcon! (did I get it right?)

Yours faithfully,

Momo ( and poke)

P.S Just let me end this up with this marvellous aftercon photo of me and Poke (or polkadots,lol)

2 kommenttia:

  1. You guys were awesome! 8D
    Can't wait for the proper blog post!

    Oh, and yes, you wrote it right!

    1. we were so happy to meet you and your sister! :D

      We are currently on it!!!