torstai 8. syyskuuta 2011


I'm at school now and I'm trying this new blogger app for android!

If this works fine, we'll update more often! (because we'll be able to do that on the boring lessons:ddd)

I don't really know what to write about since I would love to tell you about Tracon held on last weekend but I don't happen to have any pictures *sad face*

(and I have completely no idea how to upload them with this app)

I think I just added a picture of our costumes! I'm not sure though:dd

Our next project will be the whole crusnik versions and there are some led lights coming on their way...oh yeahh

I can actually add a few more pictures here ( I have no idea if their all gonna be in the end but we'll manage, right?)

So some WIP's and some other shit as well (random stuff from my phone)

Yeah, I think we'll update with this app again!



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