perjantai 28. lokakuuta 2011


Ladies and gentlemen,

Today we have gathered here to read this completely nonsense blog entry written by an insomniac called Momo.

Right now it's 2.12 am in Finland and I'm lying on my bed. Since I've already played angry birds, brushed my hair and put some conditioner,removed the makeup, brushed my teeth (poke didn't do that! U lazy ass bi...bison) and lost my nerves with mahjong, I thought it would be a great idea to update our precious blog. (and otherwise I'd probably end up on my laptop to play runescape...wait)

The headline of this blog actually refers to one thing: this blog. Right now you're probably thinking that I'd say we will stop or etc but you can cancel the party (or invite us too!) We won't stop. The point is that we actually struggle on keeping these entries cosplay related.

However I thought it over and arrived to the conclusion that this is our blog and as long as we like to update this it really isn't  that important whether it's only related to cosplay or not.

I mean, I do love cosplay and poke does too but that isn't all we have in this life!

To make my last argument invalid I will announce that we have a new plan! I won't tell you more yet but it's gonna be awesome! I reveal that it's related to kuroshitsuji and not Ciel, Sebastian or Alois..haha:D

When making a cosplay plan the worst mistake is to decide too many cosplays for one year. I and poke have a rule that there should be no more than three cosplays for one season. And max. Two to be on progress. This method makes our cosplay hobby much more easy and stress free (cosplay is never stress free!) Besides, when you're only working on one or two costumes, you will have more resources and money to make them better.

of course this is our method only and everyone needs to find their own methods to succeed:)

yeah  that was about it:D still not feeling sleepy:( btw I realized that we have a bunch of tutorials photographed so you migh get one soon!

Pics in the end are completely nonsense  pics of our dog and some other stuff ,sorry poke!

I banana you <3

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