keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2011


Since my math lesson turned out to be the most boring lesson in history I decided to update. Since Poke has updated ca.4 last times I thought it is finally my turn!!

First of all I'm awfully sorry that I don't have much pictures and that this app always puts them in the end of the entry. with it (or die, I don't care:3)

To make this entry cosplay related and senseful since I always tell Poke not to update those nonsense entries about strange stuff, I will announce that our tix for Desucon Frostbite (held on January 2012) have arrived and I'm super excited!!

Our cosplays are going to be awesome but I will remain quiet about the details of how we succeed because an artist doesn't reveal one's secrets. Ok, of course we are gonna upload some WIPs. It's just that we haven't even started...(or have we?)

AND because you love us I'm going to put some links here if you want to find us elsewhere:

Poke: (she doesn't have too many active accounts..)
Twitter: (I'm not sure about the links, I'm typing them myself)

I guess that's it:o

Well, I have a "little" more:D so Momo:

At least those...we also have facebook accounts but I wont reveal 'em;)

Feel free to stalk ( I know you will)

Well that's about it.. I will add some ultracute photos of our puppy here so it won't be too pale.

With bananas,


P.s ooops! The picture of poke ended up here "by accident" ;p

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