sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2011


Lame HI. Or HELLO. Or...whatever.

Bad Momo and Poke. We haven't really been updating anything...important or...senseful?
I bet this isn't going to be any better *shame on us*
We were cooking some apple pie so we can update our food blog (or even start it..) and thought that we should probably update? But we haz nothin' to tellz?

Let's make it simple.

We are lazy. As hell.

But for our record we have a reason to not have updated anything for a while. Camera.
Poke's camera and computer haven't really been co-operating lately. Because of that we haven't been able to have any tutorial/WIP pictures:( [despite the fact that we don't really have them inside the camera]

As you already know we have been working on the Trinity Blood cosplays for Desucon Frostbite and we are..well, almost ready  *suspicious face*..not. However, we have decided to do some other cosplays as well, since the costumes are pretty complicated to wear and stuff. Yeah. (the obligatory yeah)

We are trying to find some female or male characters whom we can cosplay without ordering new wigs. Those cosplays should be easy to wear and cheap to do.
...Like there would be any cheap cosplays *phew*. Yet we'll end up doing some epic full-motorised mechas or 947787689274 meter long swords with led lights and flame throwers.

Wouldn't that be awesome!! *momo's deathly stare*

We thought some VERY easy cosplay would do. And we came up with these lovely ideas:

Easy, huh?
Moar easy. And mindfucking. And Lohls. (I'd like to be brooke sincerely, momo) RRIDGE;)

Now we're talking! (that as a twin cosplay? EPIC)

Yeah. Now we are off else. (like doing those belly dancer outfits;>)



Momo & Poke

P.s we ARE going to make some tutorials sooner or later!

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