maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2011


Hello again our precious readers!

Though I'm not sure if we even have them since we only get comments once in a blue moon but then again this page has been viewed over 1500 times and 416 out of it this month which is just awesome! And today there's been 9 stalkers already :o (and no it doesn't count me updating the page 5 times per second:D) What's even more interesting is that not all of them are finnish! we have a very international range of readers (USA, Russia,Brazil..) and that's even more cool.

It was actually quite fun to take a look at our statistics. From our statistics I can see that our blog has been found via irc-galleria, Facebook and what totally surprised me: was the page that has given us many views! Also a page called has brought us dozens of views? STRANGE

However, the funniest part was absolutely to find the headwords leading to this blog:

akatsuki cloak pattern
-excuse me? We don't have them here, but if you need ones you can just give us a request and we'll make a tutorial:)
cain nightroad crusnik weapon
- well this is coming here but not yet:) though I understand why this is a headword that leads to our blog
how to make cushion in the shape of banana
- when I read this I started laughing. THAT IS A GREAT TUTORIAL IDEA...not.
poke finger in peach
-*laughing even more* now who wants to try? *takes a rotten peach*
rotten stepped on peach pics
-*facepalm* seriously, who googles that? :D *googles it right away*
step by step using thinning shears on dogs
-whaaat? well I can actually understand this but come on?
voldemort mask
- not surprising at all actually:D
want to go to sleep costume
-what the...peach? WHO GOOGLES THAT OH RLY
badou nails eye patch tutorial
-Well this is just understandable...
bananas blog cosplay
- Well..I guess this is just ok

haha that was fun. not.

Then there were some really nonsense facts like that our blog is mostly browsed via Mozilla Firefox and that 4% of our views is done by Macintosh...cooooool. Yeah.

I could actually reveal our next project! I have watched kuroshitsuji for long and we needed an easy and semi-cheap costume for Desucon Frostbite and this is just awesome since it's probably gonna be quite comfortable. Since there are three of them, we have a friend called Hisi to be Timber (the one in the middle) and I'm gonna be Canterbury and Poke will be Thompson:) As you see they are tripletsbut since we are twins and Hisi is approximately as tall as we are, we'll manage!
I'm sorry if thepicture is too big, I tried to choose a small one but blogger loves me so...:(

Now I'm going to pet our dog and wait 'till poke arrives from school and then we are going to the car school and start it as soon as possible (next week). We will warn you before our driving lessons so you can go to the bomb shelters in time:)

With love,


P.s our food blog is now ready to be updated since we've finished the layout. I you want to go and take a sneak peek here is the link: Ignore the test entry with a creepy picture and tell us what you think! (and of course subscribe it!)

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