keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2011



This is an extempore trip that we managed to arrange. We travel with a group of six people who are not really related to cosplay (except naru) However one girl of our group told us that she is a fan of our blog and is now disappointed 'cause we haven't been updating that much.Bad momo and poke *deathly stare*

Anyway, we are now sitting on a cafeteria and waiting for our bus to leave (or our laziness to end)

Yay. now it's probably been like 2 hours and we're on a board! I can't wait until we reach tallin and the cheap fabric stores. Someone said that you can also buy some wigs but I don't really buy it.

*realizes that the ship moves* I think I need to stop before we reach the border and my internet connection closes down. We will update after our trip (or when we find a wi-fi spot?)

to conclude, I will add some pictures (non cosplay related, haha)

Ps. The broccoli toy is our becoming cosplay mate...Bro Ccoli. Deal with it

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