tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2011


Hello everyone! once again it's time to write some total nonsense.

well, not total nonsense, since this is a cosplay blog and I'm going to tell you about my cosplay situation.

So as you know, I'm still working on Cain Nightroad though I have already used it once....but it doesn't mean it's ready does it?
I'm looking forward to his wings, I've never done wings before, but it's all written in my head, how to glue all the feathers and how to attach all the leds and....oh yeah! how to attach leds, by leds, I mean led lights.
yes leds. inside the wings, leds inside the wiiiiinnnggggssss. glowing wings. coooooooolllnesss.

ok, enough of that epic glowing wings shit.

I suppose we'll have to buy christmas lights, since they are cheap, and theres many of them in one packet :0

oh yeah glowing wiiiiinnnggggssss! go on, try to say it out loud! glowing wiiiiinnnggggssss!!

once more! glowing wiiiiinnnggggssss!!

I guess this turned out to be another nonsense blog entry, and momo is brobably going to kill me because of another worthless piece of poop.

but I can always fly away with my glowing wiiiiinnnggggssss!!!!!

yours: Poke.

glowing wiiiiinnnggggssss.

btw, this is how I would look if I was fat. hot huh?

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