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I'm currently having a swedish lesson and this is a,way too boring so I thought I should like..update?

I thought over many issues and bang! It hit me. I will write about something that crosses my (and every cosplayer's) mind a lot. Which means that the topic of this blog will be *drums* money.

Whether you cosplay a robot or one of those bikinigirls it will never be free. Mostly we finally tend to choose characters with 5-layered wedding dress and 6-meter tall sword and platforms -and mostly we end up realizing that it's gonna cost an arm and leg.

One cosplay will cost from 25 to 500 euros on average. (like 25 was ever enough...*sets a few flies free from wallet*) of course it depends on what is your character but the fact is,that everything costs money.

Due to the fact that cosplay is expensive, I'm gonna tell you how to spare some money (or how we do it)

1. Fabric. If your costume is black, you will find dozens of options from 5 to 195 euros a meter. What should be taken into consideration is how shiny and thick the fabric actually is. The most expensive one is probably not the best (at least your wallet thinks that) whereas the cheapest one is probably neither that good. Of course it's always tempting when you see a fabric that costs only 3.99 a meter and a thought of being a scrooge crosses your mind. You tend to think that "it doesn't really matter if this has some glitter on it..or those flowers.." (that wasn't my way of way) My advice is to spend an hour or two in a fabric store and finally find the one you're looking for (at this point, you probably don't give a shit what it costs)

2. Ebay. It doesn't matter whether it's the wig or shoes or some material, you'll most likely get it from ebay. If you choose free shipping and buy it now, you'll get the prices straight! Easy as a fu...silli. I recommend a seller called wigglamour, fast shipping, low prices! I can always trust on them (all of our wigs except suigetsu and sasuke are from wigglamour) they also have a very high quality kanekalons and thick wigs w/ heat resistance. *advertiser momo is back*
The point is that ebay is cheap, buy everything from there.

3.accomodation and travelling to conventions. This is the funny part of cosplay. The cheapest way of travelling is by car with friends. Fuel costs divided into 5 are usually very low! Of course there are buses and trains if you don't happen to have a car..
Accomodation is another drag. You can always try and get a free sleeping place from a friend but they rarely have space or live around. Then there are the school accommodations that cost around 7 euros a night. They are nice places to meet new people but usually they suck if you happen to have costume that is a little cpmplicated, it is uprageous to try and do it with 98 others and one mirror. The basic night on school accommodation involves snoring animegirls, crazy hetalists and an unconfortable bed. That's when we move to hotels and hostels, where you will get an own shower, bed, wc,fridge and a good night sleep. The only problem is the price so if you want to go cheap, pack a tent;)

To conclude, the best way of sparing money is to cosplay characters like the ones below, sleep in tents or train stations, walk to the conventions and buy that glitter fabric. Or more, you can always photoshop the costumes on you and watch con videos, for free!

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    Ainakin mun tapauksessa kirppis on pelastanu mun lompakon pahimman luokan anorexiasta... :)

  2. oho! pääs unohtuun :0 ne on kyllä hauskoja paikkoja, etenkin kenkien ja vöiden suhteen!