keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2011

scary make-up palettes and wild coffees.

Don't you just hate when morning doesn't go as you planned?

this is my story about this morning, nothing to do with cosplay though, but fail enough to be shared with you my fellow readers.

So. Practically, it's still morning. so more fail is still possible. it's 8.30 right now :(

oh well, here we go.

so it all started yesterday, I was colouring my hair, bright blond as it was promised in the yellow packet of peroxides and poisons. Well, bright it is...blond...not. so it turned out to be bright yellow and hooray, I literally look like banana for now. After the screaming sunflower moment, I decided to try if silver shampoo would make it any less sunflowerish but oh, the blond highlites I had had before the poison bottle, turned into platinum blond, but the rest of the hair...still golden as sun.

so the morning came.

when I woke up, late as hell, the first thing I saw was....a mirror. Some odd girl with sunflowerfield on her head stared at me, it took like 15 minutes to realise it was me, just the hair was still odd. Well, since I couldn't ripen the flowers in my head, I just tied it up, so the blond highlights would cover the most yellow..and I put a huge flower (not sunflower though.) to gain attention  so no-one would think my hair, but the flower. Sounds sneaky ha?

Well, off to bus stop, and off to coffee house.

coffee house. Epic fail house more likely. My mouth wasn't listening to my brain, so I ordered moccachino as usual though I had planned to order cafe mocca and croissant :( so no croissant for me :((((

well, there I was, stepping into the bus and trying to relax. And as usually I was doing my makeup during the bus trip. I shouldn't have done that, if the hair and the coffee house wasn't fail enough, I somehow managed to drop my eyeshadow palette, and it flew nicely all the way to the bus floor, quite far from where I was sitting and crashed into million little pieces...

but there's still more fail...

I was just finished doing my make up, when I refailed with my coffee ( which was too sweet btw) and managed to throw it all over my face!!!  And I had_just_finished_my_makeup!!!77111 and haha ha. By that time I was already so close to our school, that I didn't have time to fix it!

so there I was 5 minutes late, arriving to my history lesson, face all red, hair all yellow, and jacket all coffeed up.

that was my story.

good ducking morning everyone.

With bananas: Poke.

ps, if you find large amount of typo, claim the morning of fails.

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