perjantai 30. syyskuuta 2011

Few pots for hots.

This will be all commercial entry.

Bananas can cook it.
Get ready to awesome recipes and wicked  cooking ways, you've never seen before!! learn how to make five minutes cakes and how to make eggs explode! take trip to our kitchen and explore whether bananas can cook or not!!

so we are about to finally feed our food blog, it will brobably be bilingual since we have so many nationalities within our readers.

but why bilingual? why not only in english?

because food blog is a food blog, and I can tell that it's helpful to "sell" it in finland when finns can just use the recipes, without translating them first :)

I will share the link with you when we are done with the welcoming entry!!

this has been a long term plan, but just now it feels like it's time to finally get started!!

with love; Poke

ps. though we're starting a brand new blog, I promise bananas can still do it, this blog ain't going nowhere!

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