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Hi(ppity hop)!

We are still alive!! (now you are dissapointed, right?)

And yes, cake is still a lie. (or is it?!)

Ok, lets forget these crappy portal jokes. Haha. Fat chance. (gotcha!)

Right now we are on the countryside without any USB wire for the camera so still no proper WIP pics ;<

Poke just reminded that we do have a web camera (oh noes)

"in real life, we are ninjas"

we all love Pokes hair, don't we?

Well. Off from offtopic. Yeah.

Since this is a cosplay blog we do have something cosplay-related to reveal! (epic: number one: 1 and letter L: l. 1l1l1l1l)

Poke has decided to cosplay *(d)rums*



but seriously, she's doing it.

Later today we discussed over this blog and realized that we haven't really introduced ourselves! :o

the older first, so Poke will start. (though she is only 12 minutes older..)


1. Name: Heta :D
2. Birthday: 30.11.93
3. From: Tampere, Finland
4. Nicknames: Poke, Pokeberry, Pokemon, Poksu..plenty of diversions of pokemon.
1. Hobbies: Cosplay :OOOO Photographing, drawing (not-often) and cooking
2. Favorite TV-show/Movie: CSI!! or any else crime-involved! my favorite movies are LOTR and HP and POTC!
3. Favorite book: book? is it worth downloading? ..for really I'd say Donna Leons
4. Favorite school subject: Art, Drama and handcraft..I also like finnish lessons
5. Favorite food: everything with sundried tomato and mozzarella.
6. I don't like: all people :O and I don't like cutting onion..and I don't really like frozen peas. yuck.
7. When I grow up, I will be..: Photogapher, grown up!, working somewhere
8. I enjoy: I enjoy nature, cosplay, cooking,eating, photographing, hiking with our dog, sewing, knitting, did I say eating? and then eating.
9. My favorite cosplay: I like all my cosplays (except Denmark from Hetalia..but, I do not consider it as one of my's the dark spot in my history.) My comfiest cosplay this far is definitely Haine Rammsteiner.
10. Worst cosplay memory: Denmark. Hetalia. yeah. or tsukicon 2010...still hetalia.
11. Best cosplay memory: Desucon 2011. It was our first time on stage and it went pretty well :D and yet, desucons have been the best conventions I've been to.
12. My cosplays: ooohohohodjdjg. OK. Sasuke kiddo version, sasuke shippuuden x1001 times, B1, Haine Rammsteiner, Bellatrix Lestrange, Cain Nightroad, Kiryu that all?
13. Greetings to readers: hello hottie :o you come here often?

Finally my turn!!! yayyyy


1. Name: Henna, and yes, in japanese it means crazy and odd (which actually describes me quite well)
2. Birthday: 30.11.1993
3. From: Planet unknown, Milky way.
4. Nicknames: Momo, Momoiro, Momeluukki (given by poke and I hate it), Ita, Itachi, Doitsu, Henzi, Oro, Marusi, Orochimarusi, Orochi..(and a lot more!!)
1. Hobbies: Cosplay (no kidding), Cooking, Baking, Writing ( though I haven't done it much lately)
2. Favorite TV-show/Movie: Anything that is from US and tells about solving crimes or hospitals (CSI, NCIS, House..)
3. Favorite book: Donna Leons, yes. AND some books written by Leena Lehtolainen (both crime-related haha.)
4. Favorite school subject: English, Swedish, Psychology (they are probably the only subjects I'm studying right now...)
5. Favorite food: EVERYTHING. no. I love salads and pizza and indian food! and is also nice.
6. I don't like: Kids. Waving kids.
7. When I grow up, I will be..: me? I'm almost grown up already ( 2 months to go..)
8. I enjoy: Cooking, playing with my dog, tweeting, holidays, cosplay, sewing, reading, tea!<3<3<33 and coffee<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3 I LOVE COFFEE. yeah.
9. My favorite cosplay: Today it is  Badou cosplay but tomorrow it might as well be my B2 cosplay..I don't have one.
10. Worst cosplay memory: Tsukicon 2010. I hadn't slept and my entire body was aching and my shoes were uncomfortable and there were way too many people inside a small building! YUCK. And yes, hetalia too.
11. Best cosplay memory: All Desucons and Animecon 2011 (shirtless men;3) And of course the nights before con when you're about to explode because your cosplay isn't done
12. My cosplays: Oh dear, there are like 11 of them? u kiddin me??? well.. Sumitsu (my oc), Deidara, Itachi, Doitsu (well, yeaah..) Karin, B2, Badou, Nill, Kiryu twins, Abel Nightroad, Suigetsu..
13. Greetings to readers: do we have them? O__O

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