torstai 11. heinäkuuta 2013


Hello again our precious readers:)

In this blog post I'm going to tell you so many awesome and lovely things that i'm already sorry for being too excited about everything!

Before I go to the lovely details of last week I will however tell you some cosplay plans since this time...there are plenty! and these are ones that are quite 100% sure.

First of all, our Sherlock cosplays that are mostly done for Poke and half done for me and that will be seen in Tracon and Närcon. Kitty Riley and Jim Moriarty from BBC Sherlock.

Jim's the one on the front and Kitty on the back. Also see our lovely cosplay group (or part of it, there are more!!)

Then for the future, we're about to do these two lovelies from Les Miserables (Cosette and Jean Valjean):


And even more to come...Star trek cosplays! (awfully lot of westerns but we're not exactly too fond of anime) Carol Marcus and Keenser from Star Trek! Awesomeness..

And last but not the least, these babies that will be seen in Närcon as well! Galadriel and Samwise Gamgee from The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings.

WHEW. So many plans for future! I guess our future conventions are quite full...

Actually now that I dug out Galadriel and Sam, I could also talk about the reason we first started to make them. From 8.-11.8 we have this thing called Keskimaan mökkimiitti (Middle earth's cottage meet up wat.) which is held in Kuusamo and just look at the sceneries! It's like made to be a place to shoot LOTR.

Also it's not only the sceneries but also the food is going to be middle earth-ish so basically we're spending 4 days in middle earth. Isn't it perfection? Oh yes it is. I'm actually thrilled now.

Speaking of the things that we're thrilled about, one of them is definitely Närcon! I can't remember if I've told you before but we were actually accepted to host a program in Närcon. It's going to be about the conventions in Finland and how to get here. WE WANT YOU SWEDES. So see you guys in Närcon, please look for Kitty and Jim / Sam and Galadriel.

After Närcon we will be busy with another event called SASSY 2013 which is held  3.8 in Turku. Sassy is a Sherlock event for Sherlockians. What makes this crazy? We were actually invited to attend this event with our awesome Sherlock cosplay group. Please see our tumblr  221B cosplay. It's perfection. We will not only attend SASSY but also go there a day before to chill with our Sherlock bbys. Oh dear these guys are amazing! We've more or less spent the last week with that group...yes, all the nights and all. Amazing. We miss them ;__;

The last but not the least I'm going to tell you something (again) amazing! We are actually hosting a Sherlock programme in Fanfest 2013 this year (5.-6.10.2013) Man we're busy with these conventions lol. No autographs today.

So many things to look forward to! And more to come. I was about to talk about how Sam and Galadriel are doing right now but then I should dig out a memory card and all and meh. Poke will make that update.

I guess this is all, just please all be happy with what you got. And go for it if you get a chance to meet new people they seriously can make your life better. We've met our new cosplay group during the last week and it has been so awesome we just want to cry out of happiness.  You guys deserve a big hug!

With LOVE,

Momo (and Poke)

P.S Poke got accepted to Savonia and will therefore move to Kuopio. Nopenopenope.
P.P.S It turns out Momo isn't the only cosplayer of Valkeakoski. The world has the ability to surprise you.

tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013


Hello all our precious little (and big) readers!

We have just returned from Desucon yesterday evening and now we are healing our Con hangover in the Aschan cafe in the Siperia media center where for Tampere Kuplii is held.

Anyway, we had a busy weekend!


We woke up in the morning and did the...normal stuff? Like packing things and ironing stuff and so on. Yeah.

Then things got interesting.

Our grandparents picked us up from our place and drove us to their place where Momo took the wheel!'
This was quite (very) terrifying, since Momo has had her license for only three  weeks...

they see me rollin, they hatin~

No one died when we left, so we went to pick up Hansku from her place and played a little Tetris with all her stuff and our stuff (and there was a lot of stuff, no lie).

Anyway, we managed to fit it all in and drove to fetch one more passenger,Ilse.

Then our fully packed NEKOCAR~ was ready to roll

Meaow, bitches

After quite...interesting journey, we finally made it to Lahti! (alive).

We drove around Lahti for about an hour, searching for the gas station and since the traffic in Lahti is quite twisted and u know we have never drove there before, it really took some time.

But we got gas and all so yeah. Everything okay.

After a moment, we made it to our hotel, Omenahotelli, where we shared a room with Ninni who was already there waiting!

After getting our costumes on, we headed to Sibeliustalo and even managed to park the car without killing anyone

We even saw the last minutes of the opening ceremony and got glow sticks and YEAH.

Anygays, we weren't actually cosplaying but we were ^KaWaiIII NEKO_chAn_GiRls^^ aka something figured out 1am on one night before con....the cat ears were made around 3 am, tutorial given if wanted.

 Poke and
Momo had a nap there (or not but u will never know)
I have no caption for this

In the evening we had our SpeedMeeting and it was a lot of fun and (again) extremely popular. Momo's job was to talk to the people that were lining up to join the SpeedMeeting and Poke was inside the room, dealing with the time and all. We met a lot of amazing people and are definitely looking forward to seeing them again in future cons. 

 People being social

The pics are a bit dark because Poke was smart and forgot the batteries of her additional flash home. (She did take the flash itself though, oh brain)

After the SpeedMeeting we went straight to the hotel and to bed because we were just super tired!


We woke up around seven-ish and got into our make up and wigs before heading to Sibeliustalo to get our costumes. (We left the car there over night because of the free parking lot) Then we drove the car to our hotel and filled it up with katanas and some other cosplay stuff of Hansku's.

After parking successfully (AGAIN) we went inside and just hung around for a while before going to our photoshoot (we'll post the photos when we get them) and yeah it was cool and so on

Then we went to help Hansku to help her with her Eurocosplay costume and the show and all, her costume was awesome and I'd show you a photo but guess who didn't take any with her camera? But you can stalk her blog and find out (it's up there u know, use your brain)

Then we hosted the speedmeeting again and so on and yeah

cosplay photos:
 dis is my division
 oh lalaa (c) Hansku (as all of the photos of us two)

We were cosplaying Prince Philip and Aurora from the Sleeping Beauty as you probably gathered by now.
In the evening we hosted the SpeedMeeting again and it was even more crowded! we had to tell people to leave so others could get in :(
By the way, genuine and loving thank you to all of you who participated to SpeedMeeting! We love hosting it, so it's great that you love coming to it! lovelovelove


We woke up (too) early and got into our wigs and make up again and fetched the car like every other day. Once we had parked to Sibeliustalo we went to greenroom for breakfast and it was awesome! Karelian pastries and bread and coffee and cheese and ham and cucumber and oh we loved it. (They did play Gimmel there though, wtf?)

After dining we just hung around the con in our awesome Haku and Chihiro from Spirited away costumes before heading to the Cosplay skit - competition that had good parts and the winner was really good. Also there was a really cool Fatal Frame skit. Wohoo.

The rest of the day went by just randomly hanging around and photoshooting, and in the end of the day, we headed back to Tampere:(

Here are some photos of Haku and Chihiro:

With Love and all,
Poke and Momo
PS. It took us two days to write this so we are definitely no longer in Aschan
PPS, Let me play you the song of my people

maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013


Hello again sweeties!

I will now apologise for the lack of pictures in this post because Poke is somewhere and I have no idea where her camera is so live with it. May update later with some cool photos oh yeah. I will also shamelessly steal photos from Poke's twitter and mine as well. Enough explaining, let's go to the thing itself.

Actually, the reason I'm writing is that our progress with the cosplays for Desucon has come to the point where we just sit and stare with our eyes open. 

Yes, you probably guessed it. Out of four cosplays that are going to be in Desucon, two are finished! Yes, finished. Those two are Chihiro and Prince Philip! 

Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the finished costumes (yet) but Poke did upload some WIPs to her Twitter, see Prince Charming and Aurora as well.

fuk u aurora this is my crown. Bitch I'm the real princess u are just a peasant gurl.

I know we're pretty. Actually what you can see in these pics are the wigs. I could tell something about them but that'd be 5000 words so let's leave that for later. I also have this very pretty WIP of Aurora, from which you can see that it's almost done!

After this pic I've actually made the white collar part and some other stuff. To put it briefly, all Aurora needs is to paint the necklace and do some final stitches and paint the lining of that hem. I just don't like the lighter shade of pink in it so painting it is. Over 6 meters of painting a 1 cm thin lining. Yay?

Something more of Aurora, I've received her contacts. (Also stole this pic from my Twitter)

I would love them to cover more but it's too late to order another pair so they must do!

To leave Aurora Behind and go for Haku, the costume is also almost done! Only thing missing is the hakamas. My Chihiro hakamas took 15 minutes to make so...almost done!

So Desucon, feel free to come. We are ready to face you on Friday!

Other than that, see what I did this time with our costumes!

Here's Aurora and Chihiro in their plastic bags, all labeled which makes it easy to find the unfinished costumes when you can find the time to do so. Easy, easier, easiest, control freak Momo level. 

Speaking of me, I have started something that has nothing to do with cosplay. I have decided to take part on Triathlon and Poke has agreed to come with me. I don't even know how Poke has trained but I've started some pretty intense training! Feels great and allows some more muscly cosplays in the future:D

Have some sporty Momo:

If you don't know what's Triathlon, google the shit lol.

I will try and make Poke update before Desucon where we will be going by car because I got my driver's license. Eek. Our car is from our grandparents and it has MIU on it's plates so NEKOCAR here we come.

See you all in Desucon,,


Momo (and Poke who's again nowhere to be found.)

P.s Anyone heading to Fanfest?  We will and may even host a programme so be there!!!!

P.P.S SpeedMeeting in Desucon!!!!!!!! JOIN US.

tiistai 21. toukokuuta 2013


Yes. 24 days.

Or actually...

Because we are actually doing quite well with our costumes ( or I, Momo, am.) ! Let me give you a short update of how we're doing. (with actual pictures *gasp*). I didn't take pictures of everything because I was too lazy to dig them up so you will have to be pleased with only these. Ok, here we go, day by day, costume by costume.

Friday: Still no fucking idea what we're going to do lol. Well, 24 days....

Saturday: Prince Philip and Princess Aurora/ Sleeping beauty

And the best reference picture ever


Fabrics (x)
Wig (x)
Shoes ( )
Belt ( )

So far Poke has started to sew the shirt/dress/whatever and I guess the best thing I can show you is this awesome upper part of the sleeve:

Yeah, that dress totally belongs to that sleeve

So what needs to be done is to:

- Sew the rest of the shirt thingy
- Style the wig
- Make the cape
- Get the shoes
- Get the belt
- Come on Poke what have you even done???? Momo's costume heheheh


Fabrics (x)
Crown (/)
Necklace ( )
Shoes ( )
Wig (x)
Contacts (x just ordered hehe)

So far I've done the hem of the dress and started the middle part. Today I WILL sew the sleeves and that odd thingy between the hem and the upper part lol. I've also started the crown. I know, it's so beautiful lol:

What do you mean paint it? No way I love those lemons. Close enough! And yes. It's made of a plastic tablet which btw is a great and cheap material! Also forms itself within heat. (4x 1€ in IKEA too expensive, huh?) I think I will also make the necklace out of this and then paint them and show you how it will look like!

Poke actually made something out of it! See the Moriarty crown?

It's mostly made out of that plastic! Cheap and nice and funny to work with. Also almost all kinds of paints stick into it really nicely. (Citadel, Acrylic paint, Spray paint etc.) Ok done advertising let me get back to Aurora.

Here you can see the hooks I've sown behind it because I prefer hooks over zippers. I just hate sewing zippers. Especially hidden ones.

I ironed some buckram to the upper part to make it more stiff and I will also make a lining inside it with something stronger than the actual fabric because Aurora has a body form of a satan.  Just take a look:

What is that supposed to be? An X? I don't really know lol. Anyway, here's how the dress is now looking. It's still not fully fitted so don't judge me! And yes, that sleeve totally belongs there. We were just too lazy to do Aurora and Philip so we combined them! Good, ay?

 Oh and I lied about not having done the necklase. Don't you see that beautiful thing at the neck? Tape measure is close enough. The hem isn't fully finished either but almost! I wanted to go with organza on the top since it is a princess dress and the hem must be princess-y!

-Finish the corset part
- Sleeves
- Hem thingy
- Finish the hem
- Paint the crown
- Make the necklace
- Get the shoes
- Collar

Sunday: Haku and Chihiro (Spirited Away)

Ok let me start with Haku.

I'm done with Haku.

All Poke has is the wig and the fabric ( not even all of it!) So I won't dig deeper.

To-do-list for Poke:

- Do the whole fucking costume.

AAAND Chihiro is actually almost done!!!

Here's the yet unstyled wig that I actually did cut yesterday but didn't take a picture:(

it's so prettyyyyy

The costume itself is cut, sown and only to be groomed and ironed! I also need to make the belt but that's nothing too big. I could finish it in one hour. Yes. One hour. TAKE THAT POKE.

No really I've never finished (or almost finished) anything so early! This has been done for  almost two weeks now actually! Yeah. I think I'm losing it.

As for Desucon we've had the hotel booked for months and the tickets are on Desucon for us since we are working there so nothing to worry about! Except how do we get to Lahti but that'll be cleared out tomorrow when I either get my driver's license or not. (Thumbs up for me guys!)

Ok now I'll need to head to do some actual business so Adiós!

With lots of love,

Momo (and Poke who is at Lahti right now thanks to the entrance examinations!)

P.S Have some Disney feels because we are totally singing this for the whole Saturday. Not even sorry!

sunnuntai 5. toukokuuta 2013



I think the header pretty much says it all so let me move forward. So we have had some...wat. *A wild dolan appears* *it's SUPER effective*

Oh, alright then. I know. I forgot. Sorry for not updating in a while! I feel like we start our every blog entry by apologising that we never update lol. So back to the start: I apologise for apologising every time I write a blog entry so I can apologise about apologising. *insert another yo dawg face*

For real though, we have been quite busy. Firstly, we haven't really been much to Finland! After Frostbite we flew to London for a week, then spent three weeks in Finland and headed to St. Petersburg by boat. This was the point I, Momo - dropped Poke off and having spent another three weeks in Finland I took off to Germany for 10 days! Needless to say - it has been quite an amazing time for us!

Of course I could mention the fact that I've been struggling with my health and Poke has had her finals and a theatre play to deal with, not to mention the entrance examinations, first of which will be tomorrow to Teatterikorkeakoulu (A Drama/Acting/ Whatever creative related to acting stuff University) so we will be heading to Helsinki later today! Let's all wish her the best of luck!!! (At least she has the best manager with her. *ahem* me *ahem*)

Ok enough memes and personal stuff let's dig in to the serious business and what this blog is about to start with: Cosplay. 

After Desucon Frostbite we sort of forgot cosplay again for a while but quite recently we have had some plans again. And these plans are serious enough to make official so here we go, cosplays and other plans for Desucon 2013:

Friday: Not decided yet. But we do have some plans for Friday because as we told in our previous blog entry, we are hosting a SpeedMeeting again! It is at koivu from 21-23! For Friday we might as well just pull some Amor related outfits on since the day is too short to bother and make new costumes. I have also agreed to go and try this Shibari-workshop with my girlfriend so an interesting day ahead. 

Saturday: Tada! Time to go Disney! We are cosplaying Sleeping beauty and Prince Phillip!

Poke is going to be Phillip and I get to be the princess!!!! I've already started the crown and the wig and I heard that Poke has started her wig as well. On Saturday I'm also going to be quite busy since I have promised to go and help this lady over here with her Euro Cosplay competition. Eek. Let's all wish her luck as well. (If not for her to win, for me, because if she wins, I get to go to London with her! MWAHAHAH)
Later on Saturday I will reunite with Poke and we will be hosting another session of SpeedMeeting! So if you missed us on Friday, you can also come to Koivu on Saturday from 20:30-22:30! I know you all want to come and have new friends and of course - meet us! We're nice and we don't bite. 

Sunday: On Sunday we're just going to chill! So no program to host or any other duties. Whew. We are still making new costumes for Sunday and they're going to be * drum roll* Haku and Chihiro from Spirited away.

We have already ordered the wigs! Cosplay done, eh? nope. We're going to see if we can find some fabric from Helsinki since the fabric stores in Tampere, not to mention Valkeakoski where I live, just suck. 

AAND that was for the Desucon but afraid not! This isn't over yet. As always, I have something going on again. *Mysterious smile* I have been in touch with some people from a certain convention we went last year and cosplayed from Bleach and slept in a tent and it may have been quite far away from our Hometown and an entirely different city...I think you guessed. But nothing's ensured yet so I don't want to make empty promises! All I can say is that we live quite exciting times right now;)

Ok I will now go and kick my girlfriend up from the bed and pack my stuff so that I can head to Helsinki!


Momo (And Poke who is about 70km away from me and didn't see this until published.)

P.S Hosting a SpeedMeeting  in Desucon Frostbite also landed us a request to come and host it in Mimicon but sadly we had to turn down that offer:( Still feeling quite great though since this mean we did something right?:D